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8.9 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 8 ratings in 2018)
"One of the most dynamic and interesting companies in the country...."
9.0 / 10
Offices & Dress
7.8 / 10
8.1 / 10
9.1 / 10
6.6 / 10
8.6 / 10


  • The salary is high and very competitive compared to other graduate schemes.
  • There’s a wide variety of tasks to work on so the job rarely feels monotonous.
  • The company has a clear progression ladder with set targets for when graduates should expect promotions.
  • Social events are held regularly and can come in many forms, from activities to meals and drinks.


  • There are likely to be long working hours, though there is flexibility on this.
  • Some graduates feel that the diversity of management could be greater.
  • Being away from home during the week can be a difficult lifestyle to get used to for some.
  • Some would like to see more options regarding working arrangements.

What insiders say about...

"The application process is split into stages but you can get through the whole thing..."

"The company has a fun culture on-site and off. There is also a great sense of teamwork;..."

"We just got a new office; other than that we work from client site offices. The dress..."

"Newton is very flexible but the nature of the work can sometimes require demanding..."

"The salary is good and expenses during the week are minimal as your food and travel..."

"Pretty much everything in the week can be expensed, including dinners, hotels and..."

"Why do you think you are suitable for the job? What worries you most about the job?..."

"Staying green may present certain challenges as the company grows in size, but it..."

"Managers are very accessible and you can talk to anyone at any time. We're often..."

"The company recognises that there is work to do in order to address imbalances in..."

"We have a very clear career path that you can follow. You'll get a lot of help on..."

"I have received a tremendous amount of early responsibility, both in my current role..."

"The company culture: very friendly people and lots of organised events to keep the..."

"You may find that your work location is not 'glamorous' if you're based in a hospital/factory/depo..."

"The first Newton experience is a one-month-long induction with a group of five to..."

"Ambitious and supportive."

"Feedback from people who were already working there and the varied work."

"We get six weeks of formal training in our first year as well as lots of Just-In-Time..."

"I would like to see the company improve the leadership training, (not just people..."

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