Career Prospects

8.8 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2015)


"In my experience, promotion is easy to come by with time and ability."
Consultant, Leeds
"Newton is a complete meritocracy - the only potential bottleneck is yourself!"
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
"Promotion is based on performance rather than time at the company. Newton has one of the best career paths due to this."
Consultant, Various UK locations
"The expected promotion curve is set out with promotions every 18-24 months on average. If you over-perform at your level, you can be promoted 'ahead of the curve'."
Senior Consultant, Birmingham
"There is plenty of room in the organisation to move up. Newton is a young company and is constantly looking for leaders as they expand."
Consultant, Oxford
"With the business growing rapidly, there are plenty of opportunities to be promoted and move up the ranks. However, sometimes the opportunity depends on how lucky you are with a project and whether you have a good manager who invests in you to help you move up. If you get into a bad spell for a few months, it can dent your prospects for six months, which is a long time when promotions come every 18-24 months."
Consultant, Leeds
"The moment you are ready to move up a rank you will do, regardless of how long you have been in the organisation."
Consultant, Plymouth
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