9.4 / 10

(based on 22 ratings in 2015)


"Socialising with colleagues is strongly encouraged and there is no real feeling of the existence of a hierarchy: everyone is treated as an equal."
"Everyone is driven and everyone works hard to get great results for clients. People work hard, but have loads of fun too and the company is very proactive in driving an honestly friendly and social culture which works really well almost all the time."
Senior Consultant, London
"I think culture is Newton's strong point, the people are great fun and, because you spend so much time with them, you build some strong friendships. There's a very open hierarchy where you feel you could change things that don't work if you want to and can approach a director with any ideas easily."
Senior Consultant, Maidstone
"On site, we work as teams and get to know each other very well - going out for dinner and having fun nights once a week. Outside of site work, everyone gets on really well at company events and everyone up to the directors are approachable. We get lots of encouragement from the company to socialise with work colleagues, who very quickly become friends."
Senior Consultant, Birmingham
"I am part of a tight-knit team that spends lots of time together outside of work. We travel Monday to Friday so after work we spend the evenings together."
Consultant, Oxford
"The company has a very flat structure, with people at the bottom of the business knowing and talking to people right at the top. Work is split up into individual chunks of responsibility, but there is a strong focus on working as a team and supporting each other. After hours, since we are away from home, there is an emphasis on eating together in the evenings and organising fun activities to do. In addition, the company has fortnightly days together with a social event the night before, two corporate activity days a year, four optional weekends away which are subsidised, and a summer and Christmas party for employees and partners. The company invests in the culture to keep the workforce happy."
Consultant, Leeds
"The company has a fun culture on-site and off. There is also a great sense of teamwork; colleagues are always willing to help push or support you to achieve goals. The structure of the company is very defined, but there is no sense of seniority pulling rank. Juniors get lots of responsibility and everyone is trusted to make decisions if they are suitably backed up with evidence. Challenging anyone, whether they are senior, equal or junior, is encouraged and I do not feel afraid to do it."
Consultant, Plymouth
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