6.8 / 10

(based on 20 ratings in 2015)


"The company actively seeks anyone who has the skills, however in my opinion, we probably don't have enough diversity within the company yet."
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
"We are not very diverse but are representative of the pool from which we interview and recruit. We are working on this."
Operations Consultant, London
"The company is very keen on encouraging diversity, but is not always sure how to handle people who don't fit the mould. Everyone is treated equally, but that means that the pressure can be on you to fit in."
Senior Consultant, London
"We're not a very diverse company, but that's as a result of recruiting from not particularly diverse subjects (like engineering). We're getting more diverse over time. There are no issues with this through recruitment or promotion. Concerted efforts are made to retain all employees and consistently improve work/life balance."
Senior Consultant, Birmingham
"Diversity is improving, but the nature of the current employment approach means the business is not ideally balanced, though it is better than most engineering companies. It is not as good as other major City firms, however."
Senior Consultant, London
"An extremely open company. Since we do recruit for the consulting role from university engineering students, we can limit ourselves due to the limits of this recruitment pool. We do recruit from other areas, subjects and backgrounds, but the skill sets required are in a higher density in engineering grads."
Senior Consultant, Oxford
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