Interview: Tips & Advice


"During the interview, have good structure in your answers, get to the point and don't just come out with some general spiel that is out of a textbook on interviews. Remember that you are interviewing Newton as well, and remember to bring your real personality with you!"
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
"The application consisted of a written test, then an assessment day, and then a final interview. The written test is quick mathematics and non-verbal reasoning style questions. The assessment day and final interviews are a mixture of case studies and general interview questions. I would advise reading around what the company does and looking at some examples from the website."
Consultant, Various UK locations
"At interview, they really want to see you. Prepare but remember that if your answers are too slick they will sound pre-prepared and inauthentic. The culture is important here so make sure you show your true self."
Senior Consultant, London
"My advice is to be confident in the role play interviews and stick to your convictions!"
Senior Consultant, Oxford
"Throughout the whole process, be honest and be yourself. If you get to the end of the interview process and we feel as though the company doesn't know your personality or you outside of work, no matter how good your CV is, they are unlikely to hire you!"
Senior Consultant, Birmingham
"Competency tests, selection days, interviews and then final interviews, applying to Newton is quite a rigorous process, but well worth the effort. The best preparation would be to be open to feedback and learning opportunities. Also be inquisitive (don't be afraid of asking questions!) and be yourself - the process is not only about seeing if you're right for the job, but also if the job is right for you."
Senior Consultant, Oxford
"Make sure your maths, mechanics and logical thinking skills have all been sharpened for the tests. Then make sure your presentation is engaging, well-structured and well-polished if you make it through the assessment centre."
Consultant, Leeds
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