Offices & Dress

6.8 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2017)


"The office space is good but rural and we don't often work there. The closest we have to a dress code is that we try to match the senior person on the client site."
Graduate, Sheffield
"Consultants don't work in the head office. We are based on client sites so we work within their offices."
Graduate, Variable - depends on current project
"You're hardly in the office but, when you are there for training, it's nicely fitted out and there are loads of snacks."
Graduate, UK Wide
"The head office in Kingston Bagpuize is not somewhere we work much and, when we do, things can get overcrowded. The office is open-plan, modern and nice to work in. However, you will work on client sites almost all of the time. These can vary and are often not glamorous London offices! I have worked in portacabins on a dockyard and in factory meeting rooms. Most often we work on industrial estates on the outskirts of cities."
Graduate, I have worked in several cities including: Edinburgh, Hamilton (Canada), Birmingham, Bolton and London
"The space is nice but the location is rural Oxfordshire, which can be inconvenient for most people who aren't permanently based there. The snacks provided are fab and so is the receptionist."
Graduate, UK wide
"The internal office (for internal functions such as finance/the PA team and for some training) is a nice space despite being isolated in the middle of Oxfordshire. However, you're not there often unless you're part of the business support team. We work wherever our clients are so our office is their office/store/hospital etc. This does mean that you won't have a desk, a regular chair or a good working knowledge of the office snacks."
Entry level, Currently London, though it varies.
"We're not often in the central office but it's friendly and informal when we are."
Graduate, Barrow in Furness


"We just got a new office; other than that we work from client site offices. The dress code is suits (or equivalent) generally, sometimes with a tie."
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
"The office you will be working in is dependent upon the client site. The head office has just been refurbished, and has a smart casual dress code."
Consultant, Leeds
"Our offices are very plush but they're in the middle of nowhere."
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
"You don't really spend any time there but it's a nice office. It's based outside Oxford."
Senior Consultant, Maidstone
"Our office near Oxford is great, but we are often on client sites. Offices there can range from great to rooms in basements with no windows!"
Senior Consultant, Birmingham
"Excellent, recently refurbished home office. Dress is business casual at the home office and suits at the client site."
Consultant, Oxford
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