Satisfaction with Work

8.7 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2017)


"The types of projects we work on, particularly in the public sector, are on the agenda right at the top of government. This means that we get the opportunity to understand both how processes and people work on an operational day-to-day level in an environment such as a hospital, and also how the improvements we make feed up into strategically important initiatives."
Graduate, Sheffield
"I'm very satisfied. I've been given a great amount of responsibility in challenging and rewarding work."
Graduate, Northampton
"It can vary depending on what your interests are as we work in all sectors, from nuclear submarines to NHS hospitals. Your preferences will generally be taken into account but this is not always possible. The work is usually stretching and challenging. You will very rarely be doing mundane tasks inside your comfort zone. We work with clients so you don't spend all day sat at a desk and your plan is your own. No one will dictate your task list or project plan for you."
Graduate, Variable - depends on current project
"I'm responsible for assessing, designing, implementing and sustaining an array of projects. Working alongside our clients means that the job is always different, as is the place. There are sometimes large and complex engineering problems but you don't need to be an engineer as you're using problem-solving techniques to help the client find and fix the issues."
Graduate, UK Wide
"The work is very variable, which keeps it interesting. It is tough and challenging but that makes the result more rewarding. On a day-to-day basis we work on projects across public, private and defence sectors. We spend our time assessing, designing and implementing projects that look at the operations involved in that business and make them more efficient."
Graduate, All over UK
"I'm very satisfied. The project work makes it easy to get involved and fully complete a piece of work in detail before moving on to the next."
Graduate, Barrow in Furness


"My role as a consultant involves delivering measurable operational change at a shop-floor level by working with teams and managers. I am also responsible for tracking progress and identifying the pound value of changes being made for the company. Days can be spent with the operational team, (be that social workers, factory workers, welders on a ship or a theatre team in a hospital), measuring current efficiency or working with them to drive their specific KPI; meeting with management-level staff to guide them in how best to motivate and drive their teams to deliver work at the required level; or building an Excel tracker."
Consultant, Oxford
"My role means working with key stakeholders in the business to optimise how their business operates on a day-to-day basis."
Consultant, Leeds
"We help with process improvement. The role includes identifying, analysing and fixing inefficiencies in a range of processes which lead to benefits for clients or additional revenue."
Operations Consultant, London
"Two days are the same, but most days will include a wide range of tasks from Excel analysis, to client meetings, to presentations and training."
Senior Consultant, London
"The level of responsibility you are given from an early stage is great. The skills you learn are applicable to almost any job but the work is high pressure and can be long hours."
Senior Consultant, Maidstone
"For my age, I feel I get an unbelievable amount of responsibility. I get the opportunity to manage a team and I interact with all levels of the organisation."
Senior Consultant, Oxford
"I am responsible for the delivery of a million pounds of savings for NHS Trusts. I work with everyone from nurses, doctors and admin teams to board level execs. Day-to-day I could be in meetings, helping to understand the frustrations of the teams and fix those or doing some data analysis."
Senior Consultant, Birmingham
"My job is to identify opportunities for improvements with the client team and build sustainable practices to ensure these measures continue on after we leave."
Consultant, Oxford
"I usually find myself meeting mid/high level managers and executives, performing data analysis, giving presentations and working with teams to implement solutions which provide measurable benefit."
Senior Consultant, Various UK locations
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