Prior to securing my graduate role at NMUK, I completed a year-long placement scheme during my third year at University. This year allowed me to become exposed to life at Nissan on a relatively small scale, and gain valuable experience within the work place.

After completing the placement scheme, I continued to work part-time during my final year at University, balancing my studies and work responsibilities, which helped me to successfully progress through the graduate application process, starting full-time in September 2015.

My main role is to introduce new models into the Body Shop (Body in White) process. This comprises of planning the modifications required in order to build new products, as well as supervising the installation and commissioning of new facilities or assembly processes, ensuring a launch that is as problem-free as possible. Along with this, I provide engineering support for current shop floor issues relating to the body assembly process.

The Nissan graduate scheme is based on a 70:20:10 ratio. 70% on the job, 20% one-to-one interaction with mentors or supervisors, and 10% formal learning. This means that I am able to participate in a wide range of formal learning activities, including residential trips and team building tasks.

The aspects of my role that I enjoy the most are being able to see large amounts of work being undertaken and completed in short timeframes. This gives me a good sense of pride in being able to deliver major changes to the shop floor – from initial planning and study phases, to installation and trial builds, right through to commissioning support.

A really challenging aspect of my role is working within a group of people with far more experience than I possess; this has meant that giving my point across in a meeting or in a discussion can often be difficult. I have been given all the support I have needed in order to aid me in establishing myself as a confident engineer who can be given the responsibilities of day-to-day problems. I have been shown techniques in how to gather the correct information and present this in a clear, easy to understand fashion which has aided me in agreeing on solutions and countermeasures to shop floor issues.