Interview Process

7.6 / 10

(based on 55 ratings in 2014)


"The first round consisted of two interviews and a case study. The second round was made up of four interviews with senior managers."
Global Markets, London
"I made an online application which was followed by two interviews and a case study. The final round was four interviews."
Investment Banking, London
"The first round interview is a relaxed chat to a member of staff from a prospective department, and the second round involved a group interview and two more one-on-one interviews."
"The online application wasn't too long. I had a total of three interviews and a group assessment. Nomura were quick to provide feedback during all stages."
"For the front office roles, the first round featured two interviews - one competency based which may contain maths brainteasers, etc. and one more technical based around a case study. The second round is four interviews with more senior interviewers. They like to put you under a little pressure, brain teasers, questions about the markets, etc."
Investment Banking, London
"When applying to Corporate Infrastructure roles, the process involved an application, a telephone interview, an interview and a group assessment. There were one or two interviewers at a time so it felt like a relaxed conversation. I wasn't expected to know everything about how the company works."
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