"We get free outings which then have food and drink. This is a lovely way to meet other interns also. And, fortunately, my team love buying little treats on a weekly basis so I guess that is a perk as well."
Technology, London
"We get cricket tickets, a free dinner if you stay past a certain time and the opportunity to join a choir."
"We get a free dinner after 8:00pm (though I'm not in the office that late) and two months gym membership for £50."
"There are many free events, parties and sporting events, etc."
Technology, London
"First of all we are very well compensated. Secondly, you get a free dinner if staying at work after 8:00pm and a free car home if staying at work after 11:00pm. We also get the opportunity to enjoy Nomura's rooftop terrace, nice building and working environment."
"Nomura has a box at Lords which you are able to take advantage of. There are also multiple networking events, where there is generally free food and drinks."
Global Markets, London
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