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8.3 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 7 ratings in 2017)
"A innovative and challenging graduate scheme."
7.7 / 10
Offices & Dress
7.7 / 10
9.0 / 10
6.3 / 10
8.7 / 10
8.7 / 10


  • Graduates are given a budget to put towards their development as they see fit.
  • Hours are often flexible, allowing people to have a good work/like balance.
  • The training and experience received on the scheme is very useful for progression in the industry.
  • Graduates have the chance to work in multiple locations around the country.


  • Some training requires time to be put in outside of work hours.
  • The salary is seen as lower than on other similar schemes.
  • Moving regularly for secondments can be expensive.
  • Some graduates would like more input into the development of the scheme.

What insiders say about...

"Expect to be worked hard. Aside from this I would advise that you understand that..."

"Socialising amongst colleagues is a fantastic experience, both during and after work...."

"The nucleargraduates headquarters are based in Cumbria. The office suite is based..."

"In the office the hours are standard (37.5) but the scheme does dig into your personal..."

"It is slightly lower than other graduates in the industry. However, this is more..."

"A week-long paid trip abroad to see what the nuclear industry is like in other countries...."

"Online application form, a video interview (with some 'thinking outside of the box'..."

"I was asked several behavioural/competency questions, and technical questions relating..."

"We are pushed to create businesses that are environmentally conscious. We all work..."

"Company leads for the sponsoring organisations vary. Some are elusive, some are very..."

"The recruitment team will take on anyone who is able to do the job. This means both..."

"The scheme allows for an extremely varied range of experiences. This can give you..."

"One of the main components is Footprints. This involves setting up all cohort members..."

"The beauty of the nucleargraduates scheme is that you get a minimum of three placements..."

"Being given the opportunity to work abroad for five months. No other nuclear-related..."

"The nuclear industry is very slow and therefore there are periods where there aren't..."

"We get to visit many secure places that are extremely hard to access once off the..."

"Much more than just a job."

"I applied for numerous graduate schemes. The nuclear industry looked interesting..."

"Postgraduate certificate in nuclear technologies, the certificate of nuclear professionalism..."

"Jobs advertised via internet and at recruitment events, and they provide expenses..."

"I would have liked a little more interaction with graduates."

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