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One Small Change


"More flexibility over what our transport and subsistence and continued personal development budgets can be spent on."
Graduate, Whitehaven
"More training zones outside of Cumbria would be great."
Graduate, .
"Longer placements. I often think that I don't have enough time to get my teeth into a role or feel like I am providing something to the team I am based with."
Graduate, Derby/London
"Try to reduce the amount of paperwork, there is a lot at times."
Graduate, London
"A cycle to work scheme would be beneficial."
Graduate, bristol


"More support when moving between secondments and training."
Graduate, London currently. As part of the scheme you move around the country on different secondments, so your location changes (you have a say in your secondments and therefore your location).
"Increased pay would be nice."
Graduate, I have worked in many places during my graduate scheme including Cumbria, Lancaster and Australia.
"Simplify the processes and communications for moving between placements when on the scheme."
Graduate, Nationwide - Currently Derby based


"Increase pay or implement relocation support."
Graduate, Somerset
"Additional living allowance for London and overseas secondments."
Graduate, Burton-upon-Trent
"Provide expenses for relocation. Having to pay agency admin fees, petrol for moving, double rent for the month of moving etc is very expensive."
Graduate, Drigg
"More input/discussion about whom you wish to be sponsored by at the beginning of the scheme."
Graduate, Lancaster
"More contact with sponsor company while on secondment."
Entry level, Whitehaven
"I would add at least one person with experience in the nuclear industry to the organising team."
Graduate, Various
"More communication from sponsor companies."
Graduate, Gloucester
"Give graduates more input into designing the training parts of the scheme."
Graduate, Reading


"I would have liked a little more interaction with graduates."
Midlevel, Plymouth
"I would have liked a bit more guidance when choosing the training modules."
Graduate, Derby
"A little more constructive feedback would be helpful I think."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I think an increased number of staff in the programme team could be helpful."
Graduate, Cumbria
"More advance warning about pre-booked events in the calendar could be communicated to graduates at the earliest possible opportunity."
Graduate, Whitehaven
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