We want our people to feel confident that they can succeed here being themselves. That’s why our approach to I&D centers around culture. We believe all diversity – including diversity of background, experience, and thought – is nourished and valued. We share this responsibility and work together to create the culture we want to be.

We live our I&D values daily.

It takes collective will and commitment to build a truly inclusive culture. We work daily to create a sense of community and we value the unique contributions of our colleagues by:

•Understanding who we are as individuals—our distinct values, motivators, strengths—and what this means in our relationships
•Learning about each other and forming meaningful and trusting relationships
•Pushing past our comfort zones to seek perspectives that differ from our own
•Sharing boundaries and limitations honestly
•Providing honest and meaningful feedback
•Participating actively in firm decision-making
•Caring for, mentoring, developing and sponsoring, each other