Formal Training

8.3 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2015)


"In terms of formal training, there is a formal induction process when you start. I have also received structured training to help me to get to grips with the work of my department. This is in addition to always being given the opportunity to request more and give feedback on how it could be improved."
First year trainee, Bristol
"Training is staggered throughout the year at OC - the firm has a great precedent bank and tailored training, depending on the seat that you are in."
First year trainee, London
"We rotate between the offices for training, both for the PSC and for other OC training. It's a great chance to be with the other trainees and to get to know the other offices."
First year trainee, London


"The training consists of formal programmes and courses, which of course include the PSC, but also give background knowledge as to tax issues and personality profiling so that you can play to your strengths."
First year trainee, Bristol
"There has been a new programme introduced to supplement training - focusing on a particular topic within each seat to supplement expertise gained in practice and via PSC."
First year trainee, London
"I have had additional training on tax and presentations. Also there was a training programme on property law in one seat."
Second year trainee, Bristol
"Formal training covers the standard PSC and additional skills such as tax. Also have Q3D skills to refresh us on the core law in each seat. Other training includes personality profiling."
First year trainee, London
"I have picked up lots of presentation skills and a great deal of legal and commercial knowledge through the lunchtime training sessions."
First year trainee, London
"There are training sessions on a regular basis from know-how lawyers."
Second year trainee, Bristol


"There are formal inductions in each subject area and weekly/monthly training sessions and knowledge sharing sessions."
Second year trainee, Reading
"Training is very comprehensive. During seats you will have training on various points of law to do with your department (as well as additional general training, for instance on contract law developments and what to look out for when drafting)."
Second year trainee, London
"Three day induction followed by seat-specific training in following weeks. Good overview of tools available to trainees and how to succeed in TC."
First year trainee, Reading
"We have regular lunchtime training."
First year trainee, Bristol
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