Starting points: what you need to know about PA Consulting

When you're asked – as you inevitably will be at some point during the application process – why you want to work for PA Consulting, make sure you can answer in a way that shows you've done your research on the firm. Your response could cite, for example, among other things: its specialisms, the range of clients it works for, how it works with clients or the nature of its projects.

Areas of work

PA specialises in management and IT consulting, technology, and innovation, with teams servicing the telecoms, financial services, utilities, defence, consumer goods and logistics sectors. It is an independent company fully owned by its employees, who receive a share of profits.

How PA works with its clients

According to PA’s client testimonials, the company doesn’t pull any punches when working with its clients. If an issue is spotted, PA consultants are encouraged not just to offer recommendations but to challenge their clients about aspects of the problem. PA has identified the following core values:

  • passion about people.
  • inspiration from client value – building long-term relationships with clients.
  • achieving success through shared endeavours, which calls for good teamwork and valuing the contribution of colleagues
  • ethical approach
  • seeking to excel.
  • creating commercial success.

Notable projects

  • Established the UK’s first competitive market for electricity supply.
  • Helped recover the Republic of Georgia's collapsed electricity supply.
  • Streamlined the Criminal Justice System to deliver improved performance
  • Partnered with Centocor R&D to develop user-friendly auto-injector for diabetes sufferers.
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