Get the inside buzz from graduates at PA Consulting Group

7.4 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 9 ratings in 2015)
"The company is friendly, collaborative, challenging and constructive."
  • Graduates are assigned varied and interesting work in a range of areas
  • There are no barriers in the hierarchy so all colleagues are very supportive
  • Working hours for graduates can be flexible so they can manage their time effectively
  • Training on offer to graduates is great and really allows graduates to develop
  • There can be times when graduates need to travel at short notice which may not suit everybody
  • The firm could have more social events to ensure staff are fully integrated with one another
  • Diversity at the firm could be improved with more women in top roles
  • Graduates may find that there is a lack of structure in their day-to-day work
8.3 / 10
Offices & Dress
7.3 / 10
7.8 / 10
7.3 / 10
6.2 / 10
8.3 / 10

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"I believe that I am well compensated for the work that I do."

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"My role and day-to-day work are completely varied; depending on the project."

"I have good benefits and salary here, and I work with great people."

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"PA Consulting is a successful and friendly company that invests in their people."

"The location, benefits and job description were all factors in my choice to apply..."

"There is an excellent standard of training here."

"It would be great to have more social aspects at work."

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