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Why your company?


"It has a great reputation in the consulting industry and I like having the option to be in control of my own progression rather than on a structured grad scheme."
Entry level, London
"I applied because I wanted varied work and experiences and also to work for a consultancy with a really genuine and friendly culture."
Graduate, London
"The culture, the exciting work and the company's level of growth."
Strategy, Graduate, London
"Everything the company has achieved despite how small it is in headcount. I also like how much it's growing and awards it's won."
Graduate, London
"I had heard good things about both the work and the people at PA. I also liked that I could choose to apply to a sector or a service and liked that I had the opportunity to go for promotion when I felt ready (rather than having to wait one or two years as some other grad schemes specify). The people I met in the recruitment process further reinforced my desire to work at PA."
Graduate, London
"There are cool projects, nice people and good pay."


"The challenging and exciting projects that PA is involved in and the tangible benefits that it has delivered for clients."
Graduate, London
"The really lovely recruitment team who made me feel valued throughout the process. They are great ambassadors for the company who represent the culture very well."
Graduate, London
"It was primarily the culture. Everyone I met at the interview stages was very friendly and engaging and, since joining, I have found this to be true of the whole office. The career autonomy that PA offers also appealed to me as it meant I could drive my own development and career progression."
Graduate, London
"The investment that PA places in its colleagues throughout the organisation. I wanted to be given sufficient levels of responsibility and PA definitely provided that."
Graduate, London
"I was referred to the company by a family friend who was just leaving the company at the time. PA made a good impression on me while I was researching before the interviews and they gave off a sense of being welcoming. I also found their track record interesting and worthwhile."
Graduate, London
"The culture was a great fit and the recruitment process was efficient and informed. Everyone I met was friendly and positive and it felt like a firm that invested in and cared for its people."
Graduate, London
"The fact that I was valued throughout the interview process. From the telephone interview through to the final interview, I felt that they wanted me to succeed and join PA. Also, the fact that everyone I met at the company was approachable and it did not feel as if I was on trial when talking to them."
Graduate, London
"I felt like PA were genuinely interested in developing me as an individual and wanted my input. It was the best recruitment experience I had out of all my graduate applications and I think that this is a good reflection of the rest of the organisation."
Graduate, London


"The people I met on my interview day convinced me to apply here, as did the warm way we were all greeted for our assessment. It was mostly due to what I'd read about the firm online though, such as some of the projects it had been involved with, and its history."
Entry level, Leicester
"People's high opinion of PA Consulting convinced me to apply here."
Graduate, Cambridge/Melbourn
"The location, benefits and job description were all factors in my choice to apply here."
Graduate, London
Our 'Inside Buzz' reviews are the comments and views of recent graduate recruits, giving you a view of what it may be like to work for an organisation. Copyright of all TARGETjobs Inside Buzz material lies solely with GTI Media.