Internships in India

Pave is an award-winning internship provider that offers enthusiastic students and graduates around the world career-focused internships in India. Our all-inclusive package ensures that you are well prepared for departure and helps you settle into your internship and life in India. All our internships are industry-focused and can last between 1-4 months.

Pave’s internship sectors include: Legal, Journalism, Management Consulting, Technology, General Business, Teaching, Marketing, Social Media, Fashion, Media, Graphic Design, Not-for-profit and Social Enterprises

Why intern in India?

Graduate employers increasingly seek a workforce with international experience. This is a result of many companies internationalising and expanding across the globe to reach out to new markets. Because of this employees within these companies need to have the skills and abilities to work in cross-cultural teams and be responsive to different market characteristics.

“Our clients increasingly operate seamlessly across borders. Our people need to be able to do the same. That mindset comes from being exposed to new business cultures and experiences that come with international placements.”-  Peter Lacy, Managing Director at Accenture.

Why India?

India’s growth rate is expected to rise to 7.5 per cent this year and next, making it one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The other Asian giant China’s economy is slowing to a more sustainable pace of 6.8 per cent. India is abuzz with well-established companies and entrepreneurs alike and so is the perfect location to immerse you in the world of business.

The opportunity for professional development awaits you as companies seek to expand into new markets, strengthen their communications strategies and build upon their business development.

The fast-paced nature of the Indian working environment is unique in that companies are willing to give you a vast amount of responsibility from the get-go. Living and working in India will help you develop new skills and qualities that will distinguish you from a competitive pool of applicants in today’s tight job market.

Why choose Pave?

Unlike other internship providers, we give you the autonomy to choose the internship you apply for based upon your particular career aspirations. We know that only you can decide what internship is right for your skills and aspirations therefore we offer complete transparency when it comes to applying for internships. On our website we allow you to see profiles of organisations, job descriptions and person specifications to ensure you select the right internship for you.

Pave is a bespoke internship provider that specialises in developing students and graduates both personally and professionally in an energetic international setting. The internships Pave offer guarantee to improve the skills that are required to land graduate jobs.

We work with many leading organisations across various industries ranging from multinational and private or public-owned companies, to social enterprises, grassroots not for profit organisations and start-ups. The companies are located in India’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities: Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa or Kolkata.

What is included in your internship package?

Pave’s comprehensive internship program includes:

  • Accommodation - We arrange for you to stay in clean, comfortable and modern serviced apartments or hotels with fellow Pave interns whenever possible.
  • Travel & Visa Support – We gather the relevant information from you via a simple form, organise the paperwork and process your application with the Indian authorities. We have a system in place that ensures your visa is processed with efficiency.
  • Insurance - we include essential travel and health insurance from a global insurance provider that will cover cancelled or postponed flights and emergency medical expenses while in India.
  • Arrival & Induction - When you land in India there will be an airport transfer waiting to take you directly to your accommodation. An induction takes place in the evening followed by a welcome drinks reception. The welcome packs we provide are full of useful information including, a comprehensive list of restaurants, shops and some local language "survival phrases" to get you started.
  • 24/7 Safety, Security and Support - We are here to give you all the support you need and happy for you to update us on how things are going.
  • Commute - On your first day at work, we escort you from your accommodation to your respective workplace. For the duration of your internship, we provide you a travel card to cover your daily travel expenses to and from work.
  • Social & Cultural Events - We organise an exciting range of social and cultural events that showcase the sights, smells and delicacies that India's rich culture has to offer.
  • Alumni Community - We are committed to growing the Pave alumni community so that in years to come you will become the inspiration for future Pavers.

How to apply

Whether you are starting out at university with limited work experience or an individual seeking to broaden and diversify your experience in a new, challenging and global setting, we will have an internship to suit your needs. 

The first thing to do is scan through our available internships by clicking ‘Apply Online’ below, once you have found the right internship for you, apply by following the three-stage application process: 

Online application > Interview > Receive offer

What did past interns have to say?

"The internship was organised really well and the amount of events we took part in, in such a small period of time, made it feel like a second wasn't wasted. From talks with business leaders in Mumbai to a village tour outside of the city. I now feel, thanks to Pave Internships, that I have a clearer understanding of Mumbai as a city and India as a whole.

It was an experience you can't truly explain on paper but something you have to experience in person, for anyone who wants to experience all sides of India, I cannot recommend Pave Internships enough!"
James Wright, Final Year Student (Journalism Internship) – June 2016

“Through Pave, I was lucky enough to enjoy an internship that took me all the way to India and helped me to develop my existing skills as well as gain new ones. Pave produced well organised and informative workshops before as well as during my time in India to support myself and the other interns completing an internship.

As well as focusing on my internship, Pave also ensured that we were given opportunities to explore the culture of India and properly take in our unique surroundings. This was an invaluable experience that was hugely rewarding and integral to my own personal and professional development. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pave for this experience. This is something that I will be able to draw on throughout the rest of my career."
Agnes Collier, Final Year Student (Legal Internship) – October 2016

“The internship was fantastic - I developed a number of new skills and the experience surpassed all my expectations. Thank you to the Pave team for doing such a great job looking after me”
David Porter, Penultimate Year Student (Business Development Internship) – June 2015

“From the first day to the last Pave took great care in developing and nurturing the talents of its interns. Pave organised an amazing internship at an amazing price. Would highly recommend anyone looking to do an internship abroad to use Pave.”
Simon Moore, Second Year Student (Marketing Internship) – May 2015

‘My internship with Pave was extremely enjoyable and diverse. From the number of varied sessions covering company visits to cultural workshops I was able to expand my knowledge of India whilst developing a new range of skills. The experience was definitely one to remember and far from anything I have done before, I would highly recommend Pave Internships to anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable opportunity!’
Jayna Halai, Penultimate Year Student (Marketing & Social Media Internship) – August 2016
‘Doing an Internship with Pave has got to be one of the best decisions I've made. Pave are very supportive from begging to end and look to make this an invaluable experience, one you can definitely look back on over the years.Upon arriving Pave immediately does a great job in making sure time in India is spent wisely in order to help you fully learn about what India offers, the experiences gained from the first day felt about three days’ worth.Every event that occurred during the time there offered its own unique insight into aspects of business. From talks given by industry experts or meetings with local businesses to interactions with the citizens of India. Each one helps develop a new understanding at various levels.India is a productive country with a lot to offer and taking an Internship there really helps puts things into perspective. There are amazingly useful ideas and mind-sets that you may not find in places like London.One word to sum up this experience would be 'Inspirational', everything seen and learned definitely pushes you to strive further, and for this I'd like to thank Pave for providing this fantastic opportunity. Strongly Recommend!’

Qadir Wadud, Penultimate Year Student (General Business Internship) – October 2016


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