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7.6 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 5 ratings in 2016)
"A great place to start out with plenty of opportunity to grow in future."
  • The graduate programme is well structured with a number of comprehensive training courses.
  • The relatively small size of the bank has resulted in a friendly and collegiate working atmosphere.
  • Graduates are happy with their remuneration and benefits package.
  • Colleagues are all approachable and are helpful in terms of sharing their knowledge.
  • As with any job in the industry, working unsociable hours is unavoidable.
  • Some felt that the IT and other parts of the offices could be improved.
  • Graduates may wish for more input when it comes to the rotations on the graduate scheme
  • Not everybody felt that they were active or busy enough when they started.
8.6 / 10
Offices & Dress
6.5 / 10
7.8 / 10
8.6 / 10
7.8 / 10
7.6 / 10

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"Thoroughly research the company and what their objectives are going forward. Doing..."

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"The office is situated in a nice location."

"The hours you work depends on the workflow and in which team you are working."

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"We get ticket opportunities for the company box and tickets for the O2 that the money..."

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"The people are incredibly friendly and collaborative which makes for a great environment..."

"Sometimes the bureaucracy of certain tasks can mean it can take longer than it should..."

"We are the biggest Canadian company."

"Respected, diverse and helpful."

"The culture of the workplace."

"There's two weeks of training when you start with good trainers. It can be difficult..."

"The RBC Academy programme supports students by offering the opportunity to work here..."

"Ensure that all grads rotate around the same areas."

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