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8.6 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2016)


"It's less hierarchical than some other organisations and has a genuine emphasis on integrity and trust. It's generally supportive and constructive."
Graduate, London
"Senior people integrate with you, which is a great way to get some exposure. Everyone is very sociable both in and out of work. Most people will stop and have a conversation with you about their work if you ask."
Graduate, London


"We have an open plan office with employees from all levels sitting together. Everyone is accessible, and willing to take the time to share their knowledge. Team drinks are not uncommon. There is a clear hierarchy within the company but everyone is willing to help on all levels."
Graduate, London
"In my experience, there is a completely flat team structure where the juniors are given their own responsibilities. Hours can be long (although this is the norm in the industry) however there is never any 'face-time' or a need to stay longer than necessary. There is also a lot of socialising between colleagues. Many of us are great friends both in and out of the office."
Graduate, London
"Everyone gets on really well - there is never any hostility between staff and communication between teams is very good. This closeness is one of the big bonuses of being a relatively small company."
Graduate, London
"The culture in the office is very relaxed as long as you get the work done that is expected of you. You also have the flexibility to learn as you go and can always ask questions without the need to feel judged. Initiatives such as the RBC Academy also show that the company has a culture of giving back to the wider community through teaching young children how to code. Outside of work hours there are also plenty of social gatherings and events that also allow connections to grow across the business."
Technology, Graduate, London
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