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Interview Questions


"I was asked why I'd chosen this company in particular."
Graduate, London
"Why risk? Why RBC? I was asked all the normal competency questions as well as specific things about my CV and work experiences."
Graduate, London


"When I applied it was for an internship so the questions I was asked were slightly easier. They included: Who are RBC? What do they do? What are they good at? What is investment banking? Why do you want to do it? Any interesting deals you've read about recently? They don't expect you to have an amazing technical knowledge - they will train you up. Interviews were mainly used to gauge if I was intelligent enough and sociable enough to fit in."
Graduate, London
"In my interview I was asked about my motivation for the role, as well as some questions about the industry, etc."
Finance, Graduate, London
"I was asked a mixture of technical and motivational questions."
Global Markets, Graduate, London
"I had to discuss when I had led teams and showed the characteristics they look for in their staff. I discussed my degree subject, what I had learnt and my extra-curricular activities."
Graduate, London
"For the summer internship programme I was asked questions testing some basic problem-solving competencies and about my knowledge surrounding technology in general. Working for the eight weeks of the internship was the real test."
Technology, Graduate, London
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