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Interview: Tips & Advice


"There were tests, a phone interview and a face-to-face meeting."
Graduate, London
"Research the role and the company. It's also good to keep on top of economic and financial news in the run up to the interview."
Graduate, London
"There's an online application followed by online tests and one or two interviews. Just be honest and don't expect your interviewer to expect you to know everything. They want to see that you can learn."
Graduate, London


"My advice is to learn a lot about RBC. Ask yourself: Which industries are they best in? (It's from Canada, so mining, natural resources and infrastructure are the big players). Where has the bank come from and where is it going? In the interview try to show that you are enthusiastic about the industry."
Graduate, London
"Thoroughly research the company and what their objectives are going forward. Doing as much research as possible will help you to make yourself stand out from the other candidates."
Graduate, London
"My advice is to be yourself, show your passions and have a good knowledge of current goings on in the financial and regulatory space. It will also be useful to understand how this may link in with technology in general."
Technology, Graduate, London
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