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8.5 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2016)


"My team was very inclusive. I participated in social activities and this really helped me to get to know the team better. All efforts were made to make me feel like part of the team and I really felt like one by the end of my rotation. Everyone was generally very nice and always willing to spend some time expanding concepts I didn't understand."
Capital Markets, Intern, London
"It's a diverse culture and there's a high emphasis on teamwork – this really helps you to take advantage of the exposure in a global organisation. Office hours were as expected, usually starting as early as 7.30 am but finishing work by approximately 5.00 pm depending on my role."
Intern, London
"A better culture than other banks with less face-time."
Capital Markets, Intern, London
"A friendly and welcoming culture. I was definitely made to feel part of the team and got to attend a couple of team drinks."
Global Markets, Intern, London
"RBC has a really friendly environment. Interns are definitely included in social events, with extra events organised by HR for interns. I very much feel part of my team."
Investment Banking, Intern, London
"RBC's culture is one of the strongest aspects of the company and it made the experience very enjoyable. Both teams invited interns to social activities and made them feel like part of the team. Everyone was generally nice and friendly and willing to spend time explaining complex concepts."
Capital Markets, Intern, London


"I would not say that culture is different simply because it is a mix of people from different banks, but that there are high ethical standards here."
Investment Banking, Intern, London
"My fellow interns are very friendly and social, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. People at RBC are friendly and the work environment is very independent in my opinion."
Technology, Intern, London
"RBC has an exceptionally good culture, and made every effort to integrate the interns fully into the teams. With regards to social activities, the hours are not conducive to them during the majority of the internship; however, multiple planned social activities were good fun and made the interns feel welcome."
Intern, London
"There have been many fun social activities with other interns after work. I find that RBC has a positive, motivating culture that pushes interns to fulfil their full potential and learn vital skills for the industry."
Intern, London
"The culture is relaxed out of work, and very focused in work. We are encouraged to take time to reflect on current tasks and how to best approach them."
Intern, London
"Teams are comparatively small which allows for a high level of exposure to senior team members and enhances the learning experience. My team was very motivated to grow the business and win new clients which made it a fun working environment; everyone was working hard when needed, but when time allowed, we'd meet up outside of the office."
Intern, London
"On the desk the interns are well integrated with the team, I was surprised by how flat the hierarchy actually was. However, there could be more events organised for interns to socialise with team members outside of office hours."
Markets, Intern, London
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