City scape


8.1 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2016)


"Supervisors made very good mentors."
Capital Markets, Intern, London
"My supervisors were incredibly helpful and made great mentors. They answered any questions I had, were friendly and easy to get on with and always introduced me to other employees."
Global Markets, Intern, London


"I find RBC to be very accessible and make good mentors. Obviously they are busy and have important work that needs doing, but they are always willing to engage with interns. The organisational structure is certainly flat."
Intern, London
"My manager made sure to always contact me, he spent half the time I was interning out of the office or abroad but I never felt forgotten. I received constant feedback and integration with my team, and this included any praise they wanted to give me."
Risk Management, Intern, London
"The full-time employees are friendly and open to communicating if I need help or advice here."
Technology, Intern, London
"Everyone has been very helpful, which is why it is so enjoyable to work at RBC. The recognition and praise aspect is good here because you want to improve, and the feedback allows you to improve on this while giving recognition when needed."
Intern, London
"My team have been very good at involving me in their business. I don't know if this is necessarily the case company-wide."
Intern, London
"I worked like a normal employee at RBC; this means that I worked on a real project and added value to the company which was an incredible opportunity."
Technology, Intern, London
"I am very happy with my manager as he made a real effort to show me as much as he could about the business. You are also assigned a buddy, often a recent graduate, who is always happy to help."
Intern, London
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