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Interview: Tips & Advice


"There was an online application as well as numerical and verbal reasoning tests. This was followed by a telephone interview, an assessment centre and two back-to-back 30 minute interviews with senior managers. Be confident and research the organisation and role thoroughly in preparation."
Intern, London
"My advice would be to attend career events to meet people from the company. Be sure about your reasons for applying and be ready to explain them."
Global Markets, Intern, London


"Read up on current events and know why you want the job, and make sure that you have a basic understanding of financial markets and products."
Finance, Intern, London
"Know how to communicate openly about yourself and highlight on your strengths and abilities. As well as openly conversing in what your career goals are. Be relaxed in the interview and comfortable with the interviewer."
Technology, Intern, London
"Remember to look carefully at RBC, the company's culture and corporate social responsibility programmes and information in the news. Enjoy yourself at the interview as it will increase your confidence and ability to perform to your best ability."
Intern, London
"Know as much as you can about the industry and learn your financial analysis skills. My advice is to talk to previous interns so as to demonstrate that you know what you are after and to clearly explain why this is what you want."
Intern, London
"Learn as much as possible about the bank and the area that you are interested in. Work on your presentation skills, as this will come in useful at the assessment centre."
Intern, London
"I would recommend researching the company and division in depth, knowing the products would also help and preparing answers that will make you stand out from your competitors."
Finance, Intern, London
"Make sure that you can explain times where you have exhibited teamwork, projects and experiences that set you apart from the rest. I had no past experience in the banking industry but you can show through other experiences your determination to succeed, and I impressed by explaining what I had read in the news about RBC and giving my opinion on it."
Intern, London
"In my opinion, the best preparation is to be fully up-to-date with news, read the FT daily and Economist weekly. Research your chosen area carefully and be able to show evidence of this."
Intern, London
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