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Private Banking Graduate Scheme

Coutts and Adam & Company are part of the Private Banking division of RBS, and we are passionate about developing our people. We provide wealth management services to high net worth clients and work closely with colleagues in RBS. Our vision is to be the best Private Bank in the UK.

What you can expect


We are recognised as one of the leading private banks in the UK. Our clear approach to wealth management is rooted in over 300 years of looking after clients and their money. We are determined to make a positive difference for our clients.

Our people are at the heart of our vision to be the best Private Bank in the UK, and the private banker and wealth manager roles are pivotal to our success. We will support you in becoming a private banker, where you will be advising clients on their banking and lending needs. Or if your interests lie in investments, you could become a wealth manager and structure our clients’ wealth to meet their long term goals. Whichever role you choose, you will build strong relationships with our clients. 

Our three year graduate programme gives you the skills, experience and exposure to real experts you need to start an exceptional career in Private Banking. When you start your career with us, you will be assigned to a Coutts client group – either Entrepreneurs, City Professionals, International, Private Office, Sports and Entertainment or Landowners. 

Your programme will be divided into several placements, to give you a real in-depth insight into what we do. 

  • First placement: you’ll be starting on the frontline in our 24/7 telephony and digital banking service, Coutts 24. You will talk directly to our clients, learning about their needs, and what we can do for them 
  • Second placement: using your skills gained in Coutts 24, you will join Coutts Private & Business Banking to help a team of private bankers manage a client portfolio 
  • Third placement: you will join your client group and attend regular client meetings with experienced private bankers and wealth managers. You will get an insight into what our clients’ need, and how we provide advice 
  • Fourth placement: joining a Coutts product team, you’ll get an understanding of what it takes to build the exceptional products and services we offer our clients 
  • Final placement: with your client group, you’ll develop the skills to support your move into a private banker or wealth manager role 

What you can expect

Adam & Company 

Based in Scotland and London, Adam & Company provide a complete private banking and wealth management service that puts our clients at the heart of everything we do. Our main focus is providing an excellent service and we have a genuine commitment to our clients. 

Our two year graduate programmes offer you the skills, experience and exposure to real experts to start a vibrant career. We will help you determine where your future lies, as you take a step towards being one of our future private bankers. 

  • First placement: you will be starting on the frontline in our 24/7 telephony and digital banking service, Adam/Coutts 24. You’ll talk directly to our clients, finding out and understanding their needs, and what we can do for them 
  • Second placement: moving into Adam Private Banking, you’ll draw on the skills you gained in Coutts 24 to support a team of private bankers to manage a client portfolio 
  • Third placement: partnered with a private banker, you’ll attend client meeting and events. You’ll gain an understanding of our clients’ needs, how we advise them and how we introduce them to our other services 
  • Fourth placement: from a choice of Business Development, Financial Planning, Lending and Capital Management, we’ll work with you to discover which placement is best suited to your individual talents 
  • Final placement: with your banking team, you’ll develop a unique skillset to support your move into the role of private banker 

Who we’re looking for

  • To serve our clients’ needs, we want exceptional people. Your passion, commitment and desire to build credible relationships will mean you’ll be making a real contribution from day one. 
  • We are looking for people whose determination matches our own. We have created a challenging and collaborative environment, where you can take the initiative, and always ask how to do things better. Your natural ability to network will help you develop long-term relationships with clients, prospects and colleagues, and engage with members of the communities relevant to your client base. 
  • You should be resilient, unflappable and capable of working in a fast-moving, challenging environment. You will also need the determination to complete professional qualifications, while gaining on the job experience in a full time role. 
  • Whatever your degree subject, we ask all our graduates to have a minimum 2.1. You don’t need any specific UCAS points or prior experience.

Development and support

You’ll be working with a buddy, line manager and senior mentor, and also have the support of a placement manager in each of your placements. 

You’ll have the opportunity to complete the following qualifications: 

  • Certificate of Mortgage Advice and Practise (CeMAP) 
  • Investment Advice Diploma (IAD) 
  • Chartered Banker or Private Client Investment Advice and Management (PCIAM) 

We also offer a development programme which helps you to hone the relationship skills required to understand our clients’ needs and make sure you provide the right advice and professional service. 

Future Career Path

Our Private Banking graduate programmes focus on relationship management roles, which have a clearly defined path to becoming a private banker or wealth manager. 

Finding and nurturing future talent through our graduate programmes is crucial to our growth. By embracing every opportunity, you could find yourself playing a key role in high profile projects and making presentations to our Chief Executive. 

We have been running our graduate programmes for almost 20 years. Join us and benefit from a strong graduate alumni network that could open up surprising opportunities. 

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