Get the inside buzz from graduates at Reed Smith

8.3 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 26 ratings in 2016)
"Unusually friendly."
8.7 / 10
Formal Training
8.3 / 10
Offices & Dress
9.5 / 10
7.6 / 10
6.3 / 10
9.3 / 10
Pro Bono
9.4 / 10


  • The high-quality work and level of responsibility given to trainees shows how highly valued they are by the firm.
  • Friendly colleagues and an open culture make the firm an enjoyable place to work.
  • A wide variety of formal training is on offer providing lots of opportunities for developing new skills.
  • The firm has won several awards for its work surrounding diversity.


  • Occasionally, high workloads mean it can be hard to find the time to get feedback on work you have done.
  • Salaries are seen as good but becoming less competitive.
  • There could be more international secondments on offer, given the firm's global presence.
  • While the firm does have flexible working, this is not available to trainees.

What insiders say about...

"Be enthusiastic! Talk to solicitors at the firm to get an idea of the type of work..."

"The culture is generally friendly and open. I don't think we have a 'face-time' culture..."

"In my experience the training programme has been great so far. I've learnt a lot..."

"I love how accessible the partners and senior partners are. Building rapport is easy..."

"The offices at Broadgate Tower have the best view out of all law firms in the City...."

"Hours are not as crazy as other firms but tend to be consistently long."

"Newly qualified below its competitors but trainee is good."

"Excellent pension scheme, great restaurant on site, variety of wellness and knowledge..."

"When I joined there was an online exam, then if you were selected to continue there..."

"I was asked the standard interview questions - e.g. why law? why this firm? Lots..."

"We recycle and lighting is responsive (so artificial lighting is only triggered when..."

"The firm does a lot of work supporting people within these groups at the firm. In..."

"I'm not really sure what it takes to become partner; this isn't relayed at my stage..."

"I think that I get very good quality work for the level of qualification that I am...."

"Pro bono counts towards your target hours and you can do as much as you want. 100%..."

"Most people are incredibly friendly and willing to help you with your career development..."

"Remuneration is not on par with other City firms."

"I knew that the firm had departments that practised most of the areas of law in which..."

"The retention rates are quite high and there is usually a sufficient number of jobs..."

"The Shanghai skyscraper scenes in Skyfall were actually filmed in our offices."

"The firm is very international, acting in high-profile and high-quality matters."

"Lots of work with Queen Mary University and other community schemes regarding helping..."

"Some days are stressful. If I am working on an urgent application or injunction then..."

"In my opinion the firm should make seat allocation more transparent."