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Get prepared with our guide to Roland Berger

50% of its business is strategy.

At some point during the application process, you'll be asked to explain why you want to work for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, as opposed to another consultancy. Make sure you've done your research on the firm so that your answer is considered and intelligent. We've got started with some of the basics here - it's up to you to flesh it out.

Know Roland Berger's history

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants was founded in Germany in 1967. It originally focused on marketing consulting as ‘Roland Berger International Marketing Consultants’. However, it has now cast its net wider and helps organisations in a range of industries and services, as well as public institutions, with all aspects of business management. It became known by its current name in the mid-1980s, to reflect the fact that over half of its business came from strategy engagements.

The firm is an independent partnership owned by around 200 partners and has headquarters based at the Highlight Towers in Munich. It has a distinctly European identity, with the majority of its offices based in this region. It is the largest consulting firm to have emerged from Europe, with roughly 2,400 employees working in 34 countries worldwide.

Business areas

Roland Berger works within a wide variety of industries including automotive, consumer goods and retail, energy and chemicals, financial services, public services and transportation. Within these areas the firm offers the following services:

  • Corporate development – works to enhance the efficiency and improve the structure of corporate headquarters; incorporates social and environmental responsibilities into companies’ daily operations.
  • Information management – helps companies realise the strategic value of information technology to their business objectives.
  • Marketing and sales – assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities; conducts customer segmentation and targeting; and improves sales channels.
  • Operations strategy – assists with manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain management, risk management, strategy planning, and war-gaming (using a business simulation to test a strategy).
  • Restructuring and corporate finance – helps companies to consider their financial situation and strategic positioning; assists with financial restructuring, and provides due diligence, valuation and exit strategies.


Aside from its consultancy services, Roland Berger contributes to research and development. Its website acts as a portal for its research, offered in the form of regular reports, podcasts, and videos. Additionally, the firm produces a number of client magazines under its think: act brand, providing analysis of specific industries and consulting topics.


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