Satisfaction with Work

8.2 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2016)


"I was assigned regular daily tasks and completed a number of very interesting projects and presentations. I also assisted with the day-to-day work of the team."
Capital Markets, Intern, London
"The work varies depending on which rotation you're on. I was assigned regular daily tasks, completed two projects and assisted with the day-to-day workload of the team."
Capital Markets, Intern, London
"I'm extremely satisfied with the work I was given. I was given roles with great responsibility that helped to improve my confidence and gain the trust of senior managers very quickly."
Intern, London
"I researched companies and did stock pitches. I also went along to meetings, listened to morning calls and took part in the morning meeting, as well as doing lots of shadowing."
Global Markets, Intern, London
"I was given a lot of responsibilities and meaningful work."
Investment Banking, Intern, London
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