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8.3 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2016)


"Hours are typically 40 hours a week. I have found that at management level you don't have a set break, which I have always found easy to cope with. Due to the nature of the company, shift work is required and this can be hard to comprehend when entering a graduate role with the company."
Entry level, Chelmsford
"Depending on the role, there is a varied amount of flexibility. In a regional role or a central role, you have a certain level of accountability to manage your own time in order to get the job done. Some days you may be in a delivery office at 6.30 am and work until 6.00 pm. But other days, you may start at 9.00 am and be done by 4.00 pm. In HR Services, as it is call-centre based, there is less flexibility. However, there is a better work-life balance as service centre colleagues work 7.5 hour days."
HR, Graduate, Sheffield
"Very flexible. It's a case of 'get the work done' rather than 'put the hours in'."
Graduate, London
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