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7.9 / 10 Overall Satisfaction
(based on 23 ratings in 2018)
"Friendly, kind and welcoming."
8.0 / 10
Offices & Dress
8.0 / 10
8.3 / 10
6.5 / 10
8.1 / 10
8.3 / 10


  • Cooperation and teamwork are evident throughout the firm.
  • Employees are able to purchase extra days of holiday on top of their annual allowance.
  • There is a clear path to follow for career progression throughout the company.
  • Many feel that they receive a lot of support when studying for their further qualifications.


  • Working hours can be rigid and inflexible.
  • A lot of travel may be involved to visit clients.
  • Some managers are often busy and unable to provide detailed feedback.
  • Some feel they are under pressure to work overtime.

What insiders say about...

"Do some research beforehand on RSM. Try to practise some of the tests."

"Everyone in the office is friendly and approachable and I have found it very easy..."

"There is a table tennis table for relaxing and the office is open-plan so everyone..."

"There are core hours that you need to work each week, but there is a certain amount..."

"The salary received is average among other starting salaries in London similar to..."

"We have access to lots of money-saving portals and packages that always have great..."

"The assessment day had numerical and verbal reasoning tests, different to ones experienced..."

"I was asked about my previous work experience and how I had overcome any difficulties..."

"There is limited communication around reducing the company's carbon footprint."

"Line managers are trained on how to nurture their staff and are very friendly. All..."

"Strong code of diversity ethics. Both of the Audit directors are women, as is one..."

"Each role/job title is supported by competencies and, once an individual has proved..."


"I have a wide range of clients including small and large corporates, pension schemes..."

"It's a friendly environment and you're given time to study when you have exams coming..."

"There is a lot of pressure to pass exams."

"We sponsor the PGA golf."

"Encouraging and supportive with high expectations."

"Their website promoted individuality."

"We have quarterly tax updates to keep us up to date with the new legislation that..."

"We visit all kinds of schools and colleges to talk about Baker Tilly and careers..."

"More leeway when it comes to the exam failure policy."

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