6.7 / 10

(based on 9 ratings in 2016)


"Relaxed atmosphere during office hours. Management are very approachable and helpful. Very sociable after hours."
Graduate, London
"When you are in the office, it's nice to see people. The company has a strong focus on being chargeable to clients. That's understandable, but it can leave little time to develop yourself."
Graduate, London
"Outside the office it's good. People enjoy going for drinks and they organise some good days out."
Graduate, london
"Hours are relatively flexible as long as seven and a half hours of work are done during the day. The organisation is very organic and the culture largely depends on the office in which you work. By and large the culture is relaxed and welcoming while still being highly professional and driven. Interaction with partners on a daily basis is quite normal and people tend to socialise often. The hierarchy is a little more relaxed than what you might find in a large organisation, which means there is greater latitude in pursuing one's interests and demonstrating one's skills and potential."
Graduate, Guildford
"The office culture is open and friendly with various organised activities such as football and netball office teams to help networking between departments."
Graduate, London
"I work in a very sociable office and we are constantly planning social events that are very inclusive to all staff."
Graduate, Bristol
"Socialising among colleagues is good with plenty of activities going on. The management are helpful and very willing to help you if you are struggling or require time off. The Newcastle office is a very good office in general."
Graduate, Newcastle


"I always feel comfortable in the office. Managers, supervisors and assistants chat amongst each other, and we usually all go to the pub together for lunch on a Friday."
Graduate, Guildford
"Baker Tilly is very friendly, I know who everyone is in the department even though I haven't been on jobs with many of them, and they're all helpful there is a big team mentality. The social aspect of this job is also an excellent plus."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Within internal audit there is a real teamwork spirit and if I ever have a question or need some help there is always someone there. There is a clear structure and hierarchy within the organisation which is great for an aspiring graduate like myself."
Graduate, Manchester
"The atmosphere is generally very relaxed, everyone is happy to help you when you are stuck and it is definitely a team environment. There is plenty of socialising outside of the office, often going for a long lunch on a Friday or out for a meal, drinks and clubbing on a Friday night, particularly if there is a reason to celebrate."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"In the office there is a very supportive culture with staff always on hand to help if you are having issues with the work you are doing. Outside the office it is very sociable with opportunities to go for drinks after work and various social events such as go-karting and five-a-side football are laid on during the year."
Graduate, Birmingham
"It is a sociable department and you feel like everyone looks out for one another. There are a lot of opportunities to interact with your colleagues outside of working hours and there is a relaxed nature to the office in terms of dress and trying to enjoy your time at work."
Graduate, Reading
"There is a clear hierarchy in terms of the work completed but everyone is still incredibly approachable and willing to help or talk to you. There is a strong social side as well with many events organised throughout the year where you get the chance to mix with staff from all levels and all departments."
Graduate, London
"There is a consistent structure throughout the company in each department, and there is a good sense of team work across the whole office. There is a social committee that organises events, including the yearly Christmas party and sports day. There are often invites for last Friday drinks circulating."
Graduate, Gatwick/Crawley
"There is a great culture at Baker Tilly; the whole team works together well, so from day one you are made to feel part of the team from other juniors up to the partners. There is a real social element to the company as well, with regular events being planned to get to know both your department and all of the others too."
Graduate, Southampton
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