7.7 / 10

(based on 9 ratings in 2016)


"My employer is flexible. We are able to make up hours if needed or to leave early. Holiday is very flexible."
Graduate, Newcastle
"As far as I'm aware, there is not much flexibility. This can pose a problem as the work is not constant."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"Hours per week vary. Mostly you work around 40 hours but this can increase to 50+ during busy periods. These are not very often however."
Graduate, London
"There is flexibility, although the work will always need to be done so it may require additional hours to be worked when required."
Graduate, Guildford
"My role is not very flexible as I'm working on client sites. I'm not able to leave before them (within reason)."
Graduate, London
"9.00 am – 5.00 pm for London is fantastic. Zero complaints."
Graduate, london
"RSM takes a common sense approach where you stay as long as you are needed to get the work done. You are not expected to be chained to your desk after 5.00 pm if you have little to be getting on with."
Graduate, London


"I work 7.5 hours a day so 35 hours a week. Normal time is 9:00am till 5:30pm but as long as you work the 7.5 hours you can do what time suits you really. Personally, I do 8:30am till 5:00pm because I find it better to be home early."
Entry level, Manchester
"I usually work the normal 9:00am to 5:30pm. I tend to spend a bit longer on certain days to get other work-related things sorted, but that's just personal preference not liking to have things unfinished. The work hours are not really flexible, but you really shouldn't expect anything else at graduate level, in my opinion."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Standard Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:30pm. The company will pay time off in lieu for any travel time to and from clients over and above standard working hours."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The office is quite flexible in general with regard to where I can work from and leaving early in circumstances which require it. For example, when you have a doctor's appointment."
Graduate, Manchester
"I think there is a good split between hours in the office and hours out at client. I work from 9:00am to 5:30pm. We also get good holiday hours and the ability to claim back any overtime you accrue."
Graduate, Stoke
"The company will always try to accommodate with regards to flexible working hours. For example, if you need to leave early they are happy for you to do this provided you work back the time at some point during the rest of the week."
Graduate, Birmingham
"We have set hours we must be in the office but there is a degree of flexibility to the job. For instance, I take only half an hour for lunch so I can leave half an hour earlier. The degree of flexibility depends office to office though."
Graduate, Reading
"Managers are flexible in my team about where you work if needed. You do have to work long hours occasionally however that comes with the nature of my job."
Graduate, Gatwick/Crawley
"There are core hours that you need to work each week, but there is a certain amount of flexibility with regards to when you turn up and leave the office. However, at the beginning of your graduate scheme you will be largely out at clients, and therefore your hours are largely determined by the times that the client wants you!"
Graduate, Southampton
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