Satisfaction with Work

7.1 / 10

(based on 21 ratings in 2017)


"As you might expect, your first months are largely spent performing tasks that can be monotonous and dull. However, as you progress and begin to go on audits, the work starts to become more challenging and stimulating. The work tends to be time-pressured, which also means that time flies by."
Graduate, Leeds
"The work assigned by managers isn't always of a high level but the support you get is, on the whole, very good. The work itself is challenging and, even though days go by very quickly, you feel as though you've achieved something with every finding."
Entry level, Milton Keynes
"My day-to-day role consists of preparing the corporation tax compliance for a range of clients from different backgrounds. This involves having contact with the client including face-to-face meetings and phone calls. I also have exposure to HMRC and speak to them on a frequent basis on behalf of clients."
Graduate, Leeds
"The work assigned to me has grown in difficulty at an appropriate rate and I am enjoying gaining responsibility for more and more areas of the audit file. The day-to-day work is initially lots of training, both internally and for the ACA. Later on, it varies, depending on the size and type of client, from analytical reviews to tasks such as agreeing documentation back to invoices and testing a client's controls."
Graduate, London
"We frequently work with varied clients, which is nice and interesting. However, we are often assigned similar tasks on each job and, especially at entry level, not given many opportunities to show initiative. The work is therefore fairly routine and can be monotonous."
Graduate, London
"The work you're assigned is good for learning the basics, it might be nice to get some more advanced technical work too."
Graduate, Manchester
"I am satisfied but I'm still learning lots every day so I'm constantly improving and taking on new types of work."
Graduate, London
"This varies a lot. The work can sometimes be tedious and involve little skill, but there are also often challenging things that I haven't come across before and can learn from."
Graduate, Manchester


"The work is OK but sometimes there are peaks and troughs without warning."
Graduate, Bury St. Edmunds
"Work can vary. Some days I'll be performing tax advisory on an ad hoc basis and others I'll be doing regular compliance work filing returns."
Graduate, London
"I work on a wide range of clients from owner-managed businesses to large corporations. My current work is very much compliance based but as I progress in my career and obtain qualifications (for which the company pays) I will be on the path to providing advice to clients and the complexity of the work I do will increase."
Graduate, Guildford
"My day-to-day role consists of drafting and completing client's personal tax returns and the related compliance administration that goes with it. In addition, I sometimes get to go on extra training courses or assist on advisory projects."
Graduate, London
"I am given a variety of tasks, which enables me to really broaden my knowledge and learn more about various areas of tax."
Graduate, Bristol
"I work in audit and as a new starter I am generally assigned balance sheets as a whole. This is challenging and, although not always different, is still enjoyable while I am learning and developing myself."
Graduate, Newcastle


"My role consists of assisting supervisors and managers in the audit of companies and completing the tasks they set."
Graduate, Guildford
"I am still at a very early stage so the work is challenging to me, but it is enjoyable. I carry out most of the substantive testing whilst on audits and do some of the analytical review work."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I have been able to work on audits, getting stuck in from the very beginning. There are days when I am doing admin work which can be a little boring but it helps with your overall knowledge and familiarity with different documents."
Graduate, Bury St Edmunds
"So far I haven't had too much practical experience due to being at college/on internal training courses. Mainly have been doing small jobs in the office but feel as though, on the few jobs I have been on, I have quickly been given responsibility and have felt able to effectively contribute."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I was thrown in at the deep end with challenging jobs straight away in order to stretch and challenge me. As I see it, this was the best way to learn."
Entry level, Chelmsford
"You are given a lot of responsibility and trust as soon as you start. You are shown everything to do with audit from the start of the job."
Graduate, Stoke
"My day-to-day responsibilities involve assisting on audits or working from the office to assist managers and supervisors. There is also a lot of time at the beginning spent at college studying towards exams or away on internal training courses."
Graduate, London
"I am given a lot of responsibility having already completed a placement year at the company. No two days are the same so the work is quite varied."
Graduate, Gatwick/Crawley
"The role is exactly what I wanted out of it; it is a lot of hard work, but you are constantly being challenged by the role and pushed to excel. When you aren't in training you are straight out to clients to give you great opportunities to put what you have been learning into practice."
Graduate, Southampton
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