Unlike many students that decide to study law at university, I hadn’t already decided I that I was going to be a lawyer. Instead I chose law because it was a great degree, with many possible applications. Naturally I had a broader outlook on the different opportunities open to me after graduating.

The legal route was my obvious first thought, but after seeing how difficult it is to get an increasingly elusive Training Contract, I decided to see what else I do with my degree. It actually wasn’t until March of my final year that I came across the company that I now work for, the Professional Headhunting firm Sagar Wright. After reading the blurb for their Graduate Training Academy, I instantly decided to apply. What immediately caught my eye was their focus on training, the ability to earn a lot of money early in your career and the competitive nature of the role.

The application process was challenging in parts, but was actually very enjoyable. A lot of assessment days can feel pressured and be a rather unpleasant experience, however, the Directors at Sagar Wright encouraged us to relax, to be ourselves from the outset and enjoy the day. The final interview was slightly more grueling, but that is to be expected for any graduate scheme. Their friendly, professional and commercially minded approach struck me as the ideal culture to build a successful career.

I would encourage anyone doing a law degree to look at alternatives paths to the legal profession. I’ve found that there are a lot of opportunities to forge a career using your law degree that actually may be better suited to your interests!