Sanctuary Housing Association

Sanctuary celebrates diversity in all its forms. In fact, diversity is one of our values that guides how we act every day.

We recognise that ensuring we deliver services that are accessible to all and treating everyone fairly is not about treating everyone the same. It’s about appreciating that each person is an individual and understanding their needs in order to create an inclusive environment. To help us achieve this, we have created 'Fairness For All', Sanctuary Group's equality scheme.

Our Fairness For All scheme helps us in weaving equality, diversity and inclusion into the way we plan, develop and deliver all our services. We want to do this, not only because of our regulatory duties but because we believe it is good for our customers, good for our staff and good for society.

'Fairness For All' is supported by comprehensive action plans for the various parts of our business, that show how we will work towards achieving our equality, diversity and inclusion objectives. Progress in achieving those actions is monitored regularly and all action plans are renewed annually.

We report on progress against the actions contained in these action plans to Sanctuary’s Group Board.