When I graduated from my MSc degree in psychology & linguistics, I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted to do. However, having gained some of my most valuable life experiences from living abroad, I knew I wanted to work internationally and continue to learn about cultures and languages. I saw that SEKISUI Chemical was recruiting an English Business Coordinator for their headquarters in Tokyo. As English is my second language, I experienced the importance of English for connecting with people around the world first hand and I saw my chance to use what I have learned to make an impact on the globalization of one of Japan’s leading chemical companies.

Since joining SEKISUI 4 months ago, my main responsibility has been teaching English to employees and promoting the use of English in the company. One of the things I love about my role is that it allows me to directly impact the global development of the people around me: seeing people’s English level improve and sharing their curiosity for foreign countries and cultures is truly rewarding. Because I was able to assist with meetings in German and make real changes to the English Program from Day 1, my work drives the global development of SEKISUI in a meaningful way every day.

SEKISUI is keen for me to develop my own knowledge and skills. In addition to comprehensive business training, teaching grants me the opportunity to learn from the company’s top talents. As part of the HR Group, I get involved in global training and events, through which I have built a network of global business connections. Although experiencing another culture poses some challenges, SEKISUI’s support has given me the confidence to constantly take on new responsibilities. I am now managing a global recruitment campaign and I am excited by the prospect of my future growing alongside SEKISUI.

Although going on the adventure to move to Japan seemed like a big step to me at first, the people here made the whole process really easy. SEKISUI supported my move entirely, providing visa support, flights and a subsidized apartment in the center of Tokyo. From meeting me at the airport to the quality orientation program, and even little things like wifi and phone set up, all made me feel so welcome.

Equally, SEKISUI place an emphasis on building a life outside of work, allowing me to take full advantage of opportunities to explore Tokyo and adventure around Japan. I've already visited Kyoto and Hokkaido alongside the wonderful group of friends I've made in Tokyo. 
Moving to Japan has been a life-changing experience, but one I would not have wanted to miss.