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One Small Change


"Earlier consultation on seat moves, and perhaps a more fixed procedure in place to ensure trainees are treated fairly."
Second year trainee, Milton Keynes
"It would be great to be able to do another two seats in other areas of interest."
Second year trainee, Milton Keynes
"Make more use of the fact that we have offices everywhere and operate as one national unit."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"A higher salary and more seat options/seat flexibility."
First year trainee, Whiteley, Southampton
"More secondment opportunities and international secondments."
First year trainee, Southampton


"A bonus when you start for buying suits etc."
First year trainee, Edinburgh
"Higher trainee salary."
Second year trainee, Southampton
"Less time spent on trainee challenges and more time to focus on your work and training."
First year trainee, Manchester


"I would prefer to have more social interaction with the national trainee group in the second year."
Second year trainee, Reading
"I would want to be able to have more choice over your first two seats, as you often don't get to choose."
Second year trainee, Southampton
"More information on the different seats available when you start your training contract would be ideal. It would be useful if you could meet with the training principal or the mentor at the beginning and talk through your goals and which practice areas you're interested in."
First year trainee, Southampton


"I would like more social events."
First year trainee, Reading
"I would like the salary to be a little higher."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"I would like there to be six seats instead of four for a greater variety."
Second year trainee, Milton Keynes
"I think more transparency (whether good or bad) regarding retention to prevent people from worrying so much about it."
First year trainee, Southampton
"I would like there to be more training seats."
First year trainee, Milton Keynes


"Slightly higher salary for trainees and more holidays."
First year trainee, Milton Keynes
"I would rather have an office than work in open-plan."
Newly qualified solicitor, Birmingham
"More guidance and training."
First year trainee, Edinburgh
"Increase the pay."
First year trainee, Southampton
"Better coffee in the kitchens!"
Second year trainee, Manchester
"Start earlier, finish earlier."
Second year trainee, Southampton
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