Sky graduates

After leaving university my degree meant that there was only one career option open to me, saving the planet one tree at a time. I subsequently ended up working for a sub-contractor to the oil industry. Fail.

I’d always been interested in technology and was the “go to guy” at university for lost files, broken machines and those minor niggles we all suffer with computers. So when I came across the advert for the Sky Technology grad scheme I thought, “how hard can it be? It’s got to be a lot more interesting than what I’m doing now.”

6 months later and I was responsible for ensuring that any one of Sky’s 11million customers were able to contact us by phone, and that the person who talked to them could access all the information they needed. A lot of responsibility very very quickly.

Jump another 6 months and I’m the end to end business analyst for a part of one of Sky’s top 6 projects. Another 6 months I’ll be somewhere else, and that’s the beauty of the gradaute programme. You have 2 years to work out what you want to do, and in the meantime gain vast amounts of experience from people who are the world experts in their field. I’ve realised that your degree doesn’t define what you will end up doing in later life, it might just mean that the learning curve is slightly steeper for you compared to the people next to you, but as long as you ask the questions people will answer you.