Essential preparation for your Slaughter and May interview

This provides an overview of the interview process at Slaughter and May. 

Essential preparation:

  • Check Slaughter and May competencies and qualifications
  • Pack your passport and original A level and degree certificates.

Slaughter and May interview process

The entire interview process normally takes around three hours and comprises:

  • A written exercise
  • An interview with two partners
  • A chat and tour of the office with a current trainee
  • A short HR interview.

Slaughter and May written exercise

The firm is proud of the fact it doesn’t depend on psychometric tests to ascertain a candidate's suitability, but the interview day does start with a written exercise. You get 30 minutes to summarise information from an email and can either handwrite or type your response.

Slaughter and May partner interview

After completing the written exercise you will be given a short current affairs article to read. This article is the starting point for a 40-minute interview with two partners. They will expect you to summarise the main points of the article and debate the issues raised. Expect to be challenged on your views and, as one trainee puts it, 'Argue the point when you can justify it but have the sensibility to concede when you can't.’

Previous Slaughter and May interview questions include:

  • Should governments apologise for events that happened in the past?
  • What are the ethics of stem cell technology?
  • Is conceptual art just a commercial business at heart?
  • What do you think clients want from a law firm?
  • Why have you applied to Slaughter and May?

Tour of Slaughter and May's offices

After the partner interview, a current trainee will give you a tour of the office. They are not briefed and do not report back afterwards so it is a good opportunity to ask questions about day-to-day life at the firm.

Slaughter and May HR interview

The interview process ends with a short chat with a member of the Slaughter and May's trainee recruitment team. It provides an opportunity for you to ask questions about practical matters such as funding and the GDL/LPC.

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