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"There are many design features in the office building to reduce energy consumption. A lot of the work that we do is related to low carbon electricity generation and eco-friendly methods of commuting are actively encouraged."
Graduate, Bristol
"We have our own sustainability team that deals with things like our carbon footprint."
Graduate, Epsom, Woodcote Grove
"My particular office gives employees pre-paid bus passes from the local areas to reduce the volume of cars travelling to the office."
Graduate, Bristol
"The office is of a low carbon design and there are plenty of recycling and food waste bins. We're also encouraged to cycle or take a bus to work."
Graduate, Bristol
"Atkins have an initiative called RACE2, which aims to make offices more sustainable. This is seen as a challenge between offices as to who can be the most 'green'."
Graduate, Home Office: Epsom A14 Secondment: Huntingdon
"There are posters and weekly bulletins about being green as well as monthly challenges help us think about our impact on the environment."
Graduate, Bristol
"Atkins is very concerned with its environmental impact. The Atkins office in Bristol (The Hub) was designed by Atkins. It has been designed to use minimal energy and have as low a carbon footprint as possible. You'll be able to find it in the projects area of the Atkins website and it has won awards for being green. We are currently putting a lot of focus on nuclear energy and renewable energy, neither of which produce carbon dioxide."
Entry level, Bristol
"We opt for video conferencing over travelling to a client site where possible. If travel is necessary, it's important to discuss the options of public transport or car pooling. There's also a focus on recycling, viewing drawings on a computer or tablet rather than printing pages for checking purposes and cycle to work schemes."
Graduate, Warrington
"Cycling and walking is promoted within the office along with local authority schemes."
Mid level, Manchester
"Our employer has recycling bins and food waste bins and encourages people not to print when it's not necessary. There is an initiative called RACE2, which encourages employees to be environmentally friendly. A lot of projects aim to reduce or re-use waste on site to reduce the project's carbon footprint. I think my employer is committed to reducing its overall carbon footprint both in offices and on site."
Graduate, Epsom (moving to Glasgow)


"Printing reduction and recycling are big initiatives throughout the building, as well as lighting on PIRs."
Graduate Building Surveyor, London
"The office is pretty 'green' with chiller beams, ground source heating, rainwater harvesting (no air con so it can get stuffy in the summer). There is a big drive to reduce driving mileage by lift sharing, using trains etc."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Bristol
"Funding is providing for cycle to work and car sharing schemes."
Graduate Structural Engineer,
"Green initiatives are at the forefront of everything Atkins does, from counting our carbon footprint to designing carbon neutral buildings."
Graduate Business Trainee, Birmingham
"There are several initiatives in place and for roll-out in the near future, including driving carbon footprint reduction at every office."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Rotherham
"Atkins does try to reduce its carbon footprint, and driving for work is actively discouraged (in favour of public transport), and four free bus routes are put on to reach the office."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Bristol
"The organisation is actively involved in energy projects in the renewable sector. It supports recycling and its newer buildings are designed to minimise carbon footprint."
Graduate Engineer, Bristol
"We have the RACE2 programme which encourages the office as a whole to be more careful regarding energy usage."
Graduate Project Manager, Nottingham


"The company provides a free bus service to employees and encourage cyclists by being accommodating with showers, lockers, bike racks, bike supplies, etc. We also have events to promote green initiatives, where one employee won an iPad."
Graduate, Bristol
"As an industry leader, my company place a lot of effort into sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. There are regular staff notices that advise best practice in sustainable working and reducing your own carbon footprint in order to reduce the environmental impact of the business as a whole."
Graduate, Birmingham
"As an engineer, sustainability is present in every project. We also take this forward in our offices with a yearly competition called RACE, and this looks at how to reduce our 'footprint' with great success."
Graduate, London
"There is a focus on energy efficiency in offices, and trying to encourage more environmentally friendly transport for business trips."
Graduate, Reading
"Offices are generally well kitted out to reduce carbon footprint."
Midlevel, Bristol
"The company has worked extensively on developing communication software to minimise the need for face-to-face meetings and allow better and more effective use of tele-conferencing and electronic sharing of data and information. Where necessary, employees are encouraged to use trains/public transport over cars. Plus, bike-to-work initiatives are encouraged and easy to apply for."
Graduate, Stockton
"Environmentally conscious working is always encouraged, with bus services available to travel to local client offices rather than everyone taking cars. There's free travel cards available for local bus services in the mornings and evenings for commuting, and a "bike to work" scheme to get money towards buying a bike to commute with."
Graduate, Bristol
"We recycle and are encouraged to car share."
Graduate, Cardiff
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