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In a few words


"Collaborative, forward-thinking and innovative."
Mid level, Rotherham
"Fascinating and challenging."
Graduate, Epsom
"Diverse and people-orientated."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Dynamic, international and respected."
Entry level, Glasgow
"Atkins has a great culture and a wide range of opportunities."
Experienced, London
"Dynamic, open and diverse with interesting work."
Graduate, Bristol
"A top-tier engineering consultancy."
Graduate, Bristol
"Welcoming, professional and adaptive."
Graduate, Bristol
"A big corporation that operates as many different small businesses."
Graduate, Leeds
"Flexible, secure and caring."
Graduate, Bristol
"A large-scale company with lots of opportunities to work in different areas."
Graduate, Epsom
"Well organised, friendly and interesting."
Entry level, London
"Respectable, innovative and attentive."
Graduate, Manchester
"A great company to work for with lots of support, training and benefits."
Graduate, Warrington
"Supportive, engaging and rewarding."
Graduate, Stockton-on-Tees
"An exciting company with excellent perks."
Graduate, Bristol
"Recognised across the world as one of the leading design consultancies."
Graduate, Home Office: Epsom A14 Secondment: Huntingdon
"A large but friendly company to work for."
Graduate, Bristol
"Strong on self-development."
Graduate, Bristol
"A diverse place to work."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Opportunistic, go-getters that value staff."
Graduate, Warrington
"A fun place to work and gain experience in transport planning."
Graduate, London
"A company with a great culture that takes care of its employees."
Entry level, Epsom
"An employer that cares about delivering excellent work."
Graduate, Leeds


"A client-focused company that is a nice place to work and rewarding to staff."
Graduate Civil Engineer, London
"An energetic, fun, and interesting company with a great team and great training."
Graduate Building Surveyor, London
"A connected, respected and reliable company."
Graduate Transport Planner, Cardiff
"Atkins is one of the largest multi-disciplinary engineering consultancies in the world, with a great work atmosphere and technically stimulating projects."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Edinburgh
"Atkins offers an excellent range of work and it is very employee friendly."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Bristol
"A dynamic, fair, approachable and reliable company to work for."
Graduate Safety Engineer, Epsom
"A relaxed, trusting and friendly place to work."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, London
"My employer encourages development and practical excellence."
Graduate Building Surveyor, Leeds
"The company has great opportunities and experience to offer."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Birmingham
"Atkins is a developing, progressive and expanding company."
Graduate Project Manager, London
"A leading technical consultancy that prides itself highly in technical excellence."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Edinburgh
"An organised, helpful and encouraging place to work."
Graduate Environmental Scientist, Glasgow
"A leading company to work for that is innovative and reputable."
Graduate Environmental Scientist, Epsom
"The company is an expert in the field of engineering, and is multi-disciplined and friendly."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Derby
"A large corporation with a diverse range of departments and opportunities."
Graduate Environmental Scientist, Warrington
"An exciting place to work that is full of opportunity, and supportive."
Graduate Structural Engineer, London
"An interesting, engaging and rewarding place to work."
Graduate Project Manager, Tunbridge Wells
"Atkins is professional, reputable and approachable."
Graduate Transport Planner, Cambridge
"Atkins is caring, inclusive and professional."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Derby


"Professional, competitive, successful."
Graduate, Warrington
"Friendly, proactive and always looking to the future."
Graduate, Bristol
"Encouraging, forward looking, elite."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Atkins takes care of their employees!"
Graduate, London
"Friendly, dynamic, supportive."
Entry level, London
"Innovative, technically excellent."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Integrity; non-hierarchical; encouraging."
Entry level, Warrington
Graduate, Cardiff
"Challenging, ethical, forward-thinking"
Graduate, Epsom
"Proactive, market leading, driven for success."
Graduate, Birmingham
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