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7.4 / 10

(based on 94 ratings in 2017)


"We're generally in quite large spaces with an open-plan design. Flexible working (ie no fixed desk) is the norm. Locations within each town or city vary enormously. Some offices are right in the centre of town while others are on business parks and others are right on the edge of the countryside. I generally wear suit trousers and a shirt, or a full suit, depending on whether or not I'm seeing a client on that day."
Mid level, Rotherham
"We have an open-plan arrangement in our office, which means that you can easily approach colleagues. They are often located in extremely convenient locations in terms of public transport, which is good for commuting. Some offices have canteens that staff can use, as well as fitness classes for those interested. The dress code varies between pay grades, team and office locations."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The office space is modern and designed for a drop-in to any office so a hot desk approach is implemented. You have no specific desk and no computers are used as every employee is provided with a laptop on employment. The facilities are excellent with each one providing tea spots for hot drinks and food preparation as well as on-site canteens. The dress code is your standard professional attire with shirts for men and professional wear for women."
Graduate, Epsom, Woodcote Grove
"We have a nice London office that was refurbished in 2016. It's in a central location between Warren Street Station and Euston Station. There is a canteen as well as plenty of places to eat around the office. There is an underground cycle parking lot as well as showers, hair dryers, towel dryers and racks for those who cycle/run to work or go running at lunchtime. The dress code depends on your division. Engineers going in to the field wear what they feel is comfortable. Design engineers are usually casual or smart casual. Consultants are smart casual or business casual. No tie is needed."
Graduate, London
"The Bristol office is open-plan, with large windows looking out onto parkland. The facilities are in very good condition and include changing rooms and lockers. Showers are provided for those who want to cycle or run to work. The office is close to motorway links and there are free buses from central Bristol to get there. There is a big shortage of parking spaces but, given the traffic congestion in the city, alternative means of transport are definitely to be encouraged. The dress code is relatively smart but there are no suits and ties. Casual clothes can be worn on Fridays."
Entry level, Bristol
"My current office has recently been refurbished and is a pleasure to work in. It's an open space and there's a choice of standing desks. There are great facilities and we're on the same business park as many clients, a picturesque lake, a gym, a café and a children's nursery. The dress code is business attire and we have dress down Fridays."
Graduate, Warrington
"Our offices are generally modern, open-plan and well equipped. Any issues in the office are reported upwards and most of these are acted upon. Parking is very limited at some offices though."
Graduate, Bristol
"Our dress code is as you would expect for an office and dress down Fridays are wholeheartedly embraced, which is great. The Birmingham office often lacks natural light and feels separated from the outside world due to the windows."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The offices are generally modern (the old head office in Epsom is being replaced by a new building on the same grounds) and have air con, kitchens and toilets. There are changing rooms and showers at the offices for those who cycle/run to work or exercise at lunch. The dress code is smart casual and full suits are not a requirement but employees are expected to look smart as clients visit the office regularly."
Graduate, Epsom (moving to Glasgow)


"The office has recently been refurbished and looks really smart, and is in a great location too. The dress code is smart."
Graduate Building Surveyor, London
"The dress code is typical office dress, with a dress down day on the last Friday of every month location. It's in a business park, therefore there are cafes and shops available, and a gym. The office is modern and has just changed to a hot desking policy."
Graduate Structural Engineer, warrington
"The office is only a short walk from the train station, and has an on-site canteen as well as a number of shops and food outlets on the main road. The office space is relatively new, open and bright. The dress code is smart, except on a Friday when you can come in casual."
Graduate Engineer, Derby
"The office environment is very open and enthusiastic, and the location is great with many facilities around."
Graduate Structural Engineer,
"There is lots of space, very open-plan and it has a good atmosphere. Facilities include a canteen, cycle showers and changing rooms, football pitch and tennis courts, etc. The best aspect is the large grounds which are great in the summer as you are surrounded by a forest and greenery. The dress code is smart casual (I wear chinos, a shirt and formal shoes to work), with casual Fridays."
Graduate Safety Engineer, Epsom
"The offices are of a good standard and are all located centrally, there is a move to a clear desk policy which makes the offices look very clean and professional."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Edinburgh
"The dress code is shirts, suit trousers and no ties. Fridays are smart casual. The offices are great, with loads of lockers and showers for cyclists, and are naturally heated/cooled - no stuffy aircon."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Bristol
"We have been in brand new office for about a year now, and it is very modern and bright, providing a peaceful and positive working atmosphere. The dress code is business dress but not strict ties and shiny shoes so that you can feel a bit more laid back but still remain smart."
Process Engineer, Aberdeen
"The office is good quality, and it is both clean and air conditioned. The dress code is smart, but there is no need to wear a tie, so shirt and trousers are fine."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Derby


"We have a very comfortable city centre office with good transport links. It has all of the adequate equipment that I need to perform my job."
Graduate, Glasgow
"We have a wide variety of locations, with good office facilities and the ability to work from anywhere in the world."
Graduate, Bristol
"Atkins' dress code is smart without being uncomfortable. Ties and jackets are not a requirement but smart shirts and suit trousers are the minimum/norm."
Entry level, London
"We are currently in the process of developing a new design for our large Epsom office which is very old. The London office has great views around the city."
Graduate, London
"We have countless offices across the world, and the ones that I have worked in have generally been good. Dress code is smart, but most do not wear ties."
Graduate, London
"My office is in the middle of a scheme of renovation so will be improved shortly. The facilities at the campus we are located at are good with several cafes and breakout areas to use. Parking is an issue with not enough spaces - to combat this I am lucky to be able to car-share."
Graduate, Warrington
"Office space is modern and bright. Dress code is fairly relaxed, with business wear on Monday to Thursday (polo-shirt/trousers generally accepted as suitable) with dress down Friday."
Graduate, Glasgow
"We are in a great location, next to Warren St station, close to Euston and Great Portland Street. We tend to be at client sites the majority of the time, and so we use a hot desking system as we are not in the office very much. Facilities are fine. Dress code is business dress."
Graduate, London
"The office I work in is very good, modern, light and airy. Dress code is quite relaxed, especially on Fridays."
Graduate, Bristol
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