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One Small Change


"I would make graduate development more structured and give more guidance on useful training."
Graduate, Bristol
"Better clarity on what is needed to achieve promotion and easier access to training."
Graduate, Warrington
"Provide line managers with the authority and resources to support the growth of the graduates in a way they deem best instead of them having to get permission from upper management."
Graduate, Leeds
"Give more information about how long graduates will spend working on a project."
Graduate, Epsom
"Offer help with commuting expenses."
Graduate, Manchester
"More focused training."
Graduate, Warrington
"Help graduates to prepare more for their first week."
Graduate, Bristol
"Better clarity on career progression and salary increases."
Graduate, Epsom
"Introduce bonuses when projects come in under budget or finish ahead of schedule."
Graduate, Warrington


"Slightly more variation in work would enable me to keep work fresh."
Graduate Structural Engineer, Warrington
"Graduate rotation through different teams should be mandatory and it should include a secondment to another business of the graduate's choosing. Pay should also be equalised for all graduates, in my opinion."
Graduate Engineer, Warrington
"It would be ideal if there were more chances to get to meet and know the graduates from other sectors in your office."
Graduate Engineer, Derby
"It would be great if there were more UK-wide graduate socials or some UK-wide discipline socials."
Graduate Chemical Engineer, Bristol
"I want there to be clearer progression requirements from graduates."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Bristol
"More transparency when it comes to choosing placements would be an improvement."
Graduate Safety Engineer, Epsom
"More allowance for graduate mobility between different departments and locations would be an improvement."
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Leeds
"A few additional structured training sessions would improve graduates' skills on their projects."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Rotherham
"I want clearer goals for each sector so you can clearly measure that you are making progress on this scheme."
Graduate Project Manager, Nottingham


"I personally think there could be more communication about the training available, and a little more guidance for graduates and delegated engineers in terms of how to fill out and sign off development objectives."
Graduate, Epsom
"I think it could be made easier for graduates to try working in different departments."
Graduate, Epsom
"I would like more structured APC training."
Midlevel, Nottingham
"I think there could be a more structured process to rotating through graduate placements."
Graduate, Bristol
Our 'Inside Buzz' reviews are the comments and views of recent graduate recruits, giving you a view of what it may be like to work for an organisation. Copyright of all TARGETjobs Inside Buzz material lies solely with GTI Media.