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"I have been given experiences and responsibilities in a wide range of transport planning areas, which has helped me to decide which career path to take and given me the experience I require to progress in my career."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The size of the company means that we have the opportunity to work on large-scale infrastructure projects. There are also lots of opportunities to work abroad for someone who is quick on their feet and able to negotiate themselves into secondments. The company also takes safety very seriously, which is very important in this field."
Entry level, Glasgow
"There are lots of young people around and even senior colleagues are very helpful and open to conversations. There's a great variety in our work and we are allowed a lot of independence."
Graduate, Bristol
"The opportunities to work with different disciplines is great, and the graduate programme and support are fantastic."
Graduate, London
"The flexibility and choice of projects. I'm in control of my career."
Graduate, Bristol
"The emphasis on maintaining a work/life balance with things like working from home, flexible working hours and a sabbatical policy is a plus. There are also nice people to work with across the organisation."
Graduate, London
"The opportunities to work on massive projects in offices across the world. There are great benefits and genuinely lovely people to work with."
Graduate, Bristol
"The work atmosphere in our office makes work enjoyable and the projects that I've worked on have been varied."
Graduate, Nottingham
"Our department has a number of very technically minded engineers and working with them helps me to improve my technical ability."
Graduate, Epsom
"There's a diverse range of projects, an excellent work/life balance and a structured graduate programme."
Graduate, Epsom


"There are connections and opportunities to network across other offices."
Graduate Transport Planner, Cardiff
"The people I work with help to make my work enjoyable."
Graduate Consultant, London
"Travelling and working on new projects for is something I enjoy."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Birmingham
"There are great opportunities to work on multi-million pound projects."
Graduate Structural Engineer, warrington
"I am working in a good team, and I have flexible working."
Gradute Structural Engineer, Leeds
"The diverse range of projects that you can be working on are a plus."
Graduate Engineer, Derby
"The structure of the training is excellent."
Graduate Building Surveyor, Nottingham
"I have a high level of responsibility at work."
Graduate Engineer, Bristol
"There is a friendly and hospitable atmosphere amongst colleagues."
Consultant, Manchester
"Atkins is a huge company with lots of flexibility and ability to work in other areas/departments."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Edinburgh
"Wide opportunities are available due to the variety of projects that exist."
Graduate Transport Planner, Epsom
"Atkins offers diverse and interesting projects to work on."
Graduate Environmental Scientist, Epsom
"I enjoy working alongside my colleagues and it is a good environment to work in."
Graduate Project Manager, Nottingham
"Atkins offers great opportunities for work around the world."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Derby
"There are opportunities to work on interesting, large scale projects."
Graduate Engineer, Warrington


"I am involved with a very wide range of projects, both in scale and type."
Graduate, Bristol
"The large variety of projects you get to work on and the people are the best things about working for the company."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The company is large and multidisciplinary; therefore there is an opportunity to work on large projects with colleagues from various disciplines and background. The graduate programme is well structured and allows fast paced career development."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Atkins provides the opportunity to work closely with very experienced people in an open, non-hierarchical structure. There is excellent communication between people at all levels and this allows the more junior staff to learn quickly and get given responsibility early on in the role."
Graduate, Bristol
"The opportunity to be involved in the whole life-cycle of exciting, challenging and large projects, of which could take you across the UK (and possibly the world)."
Graduate, Swindon
"The graduate community and the expertise of the senior staff are some of the best things about working here."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"The best things for me are the great people to work with from whom I've learnt a lot; the great delivery and implementation experience, and the opportunities for training and development here."
Graduate, London
"The best things for me are being given early exposure to positions of responsibility and a diverse range of job roles and client sectors. Also, there is a good work/life balance."
Graduate, London
"For me, the best things about Atkins are the interesting work, generally good work/life balance, good interpersonal relationships, and genuine efforts in recognising and rewarding talent and hard work."
Graduate, London
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