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Relations with Management

7.4 / 10

(based on 93 ratings in 2017)


"They're very accessible but the quality of mentors can vary."
Graduate, London
"They are sometimes unavailable due to high workloads. Praise and recognition can sometimes be a little lacking and information doesn't always cascade quite the way it should to the lower levels of staff. However, when you do get someone's time they give it to you wholly."
Entry level, Glasgow
"Some managers are great at interacting with us and really encourage us. Some are not as helpful but they are all accessible."
Graduate, Belfast
"This depends on the manager as some are very busy and do not have as much time to follow up on queries so can be hard to get hold of. Some others, although busy, will always make time for a chat about any concerns."
Graduate, Epsom
"This is largely dependent on your location but managers in your office location are largely accessible and make great mentors. They provide the most solid advice and have every interest in seeing you develop by sending opportunities your way when they arise. Performance feedback is always constructive and gives you plenty to dwell on in order to make you ignite your own development."
Graduate, Epsom, Woodcote Grove
"I get little recognition from my current team but I have worked with other teams where my work and skills were recognised."
Graduate, London
"I've had a great line manager and numerous mentors (mostly colleagues that I trust for their honest and constructive opinion). They've all supported me at one stage or another, particularly my current line manager who helped me to permanently move to her team after a temporary secondment. We have great communications from the business updating us on important topics such as health and safety, and upcoming bids/successes as well as the fun stuff such as celebrating recent promotions or long service to the company."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I've found that managers are very approachable, even the most senior, and do look out for their staff's best interest. We hold annual reviews that discuss progression, development areas and pay rises."
Graduate, Warrington
"Managers are very accessible and the mentorship is great. Along with a line manager, you are allocated a 'buddy' who is usually a little more experienced and can provide advice and re-assurance when required."
Graduate, Derby
"The frequency of performance feedback could be increased as it seems to be mainly confined to annual performance development reviews. Praise and recognition could do with improvement given that everyone seems to work very hard and are usually only given a verbal thanks."
Graduate, Birmingham


"Within my immediate team there is good communication and discussion about important matters. I feel like I know when my managers think I've done a good job."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Epsom
"Managers are always around and are only a phone call or instant message away if you need them. They are regularly around the office and are very keen to support the development of their staff."
Graduate Engineer, Derby
"Management interact with employees very well, both through email and in person. I am on good terms with the business lead for my department, and we get regular emails from directors, as well as a monthly Skype meeting with business updates that everyone can attend."
Graduate Chemical Engineer, Bristol
"There are frequent opportunities for interaction with management at all levels of the business."
Human Factors Consultant, London
"My mentor within the business is fairly senior, but always has time to spare to meet me. Managers are also very approachable and will spend time with those in need."
Graduate Business Trainee, Birmingham
"Atkins has significantly increased both the amount and usefulness of communication between managers and employees. This includes online articles, emails and face-to-face 'roadshows' and meetings."
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Leeds
"Managers are always available face-to-face, via phone or email. Everyone has a strong relationship with them and are able to speak to them whenever they want to."
Graduate Environmental Scientist, Epsom
"Team meetings and various internal communications sessions are held on a regular basis."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Rotherham
"Management is very accessible, and internal feedback is addressed very swiftly."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Bristol
"One manager is a great mentor to me, who goes out of their way to help me, give me responsibilities and get me involved."
Graduate Project Manager, Tunbridge Wells
"On a team level the line-manager interact is continual with employees and internal communications with the practice manager and division management is accessible to all employees."
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Glasgow
"The management system is very open and transparent, with team briefs every month to ensure that operation managers communicate the progress made with clients externally and internal business news. PDRs every six months help with progression and career planning. There is encouragement to speak with line managers about any problems or help you may need."
Process Engineer, Aberdeen


"Managers are always there for you when you have a problem; however, I feel that they could be more proactive in providing feedback."
Graduate, Epsom
"Management are very approachable. The management of the graduate scheme itself is generally good and my line manager genuinely cares about my career progression."
Graduate, London
"Managers have to do a formal sit down once a month which is a good opportunity to discuss progress and ambitions, but I also see my manager more informally for a chat once a month and chat frequently outside of these meetings so I have a lot of contact."
Graduate, Derby
"In my experience, managers are generally approachable and keen to hear staff's ideas and opinions; however, they can sometimes be hard to get a hold of."
Graduate, Glasgow
"For my team in particular, managers are very accessible. Managers make very good mentors and are always willing to help. High authority figures from Atkins (CEO, Chief Executive, etc.) Make an effort to hold Q and A sessions/team briefs on a monthly basis, ensuring they involve the employees and are approachable."
Graduate, London
"Mangers within my office are good work role models and are effective mentors. The office is well laid out with managers and senior colleagues intermingled with junior staff to allow junior staff better access. I have found that managers and senior colleagues are very approachable and always happy to help."
Graduate, Stockton
"Generally I've found there are a lot of strong mentors and role models in my immediate superiors, and there is good communication internally."
Entry level, Glasgow
"So far I have had good managers who have been helpful and supportive. There is an annual performance review and a mid-year review to review progress so far. There are many ways that the company communicates with its employees and the intranet system is good. Communication varies depending on what team you are in."
Graduate, Swindon
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