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6.8 / 10

(based on 98 ratings in 2017)


"The organisation starts graduates on a very competitive salary but pay progression is somewhat disappointing during the first few years after joining. I don't really feel that it reflects ability or effort properly but the perks are pretty good!"
Mid level, Rotherham
"The starting salary is noticeably above average, which is great. However, pay rises are modest compared to your rate of development and effort you have to put in. Expect to be on the same level as people at other companies after few years."
Graduate, Bristol
"It'd always be nice to get more money, but I feel that the remuneration is very fair and roles within the energy industry are some of the best paid in engineering. Pay reviews for graduates occur every six months so you can expect gradual but regular pay increases as long as you are demonstrably performing well."
Graduate, Bristol
"Pay is generous. We have yearly salary discussions and small raises every couple of years, which is nice. I also had a very generous moving/settling in bonus when I first joined too."
Graduate, Leeds
"It was a good package and normal for Northern Ireland. However, I feel that pay is generally lower in the Northern Ireland office compared to other graduates who perhaps do the same job in offices in England and Scotland."
Graduate, Belfast
"There are good starting salaries. Pay reviews are dependent on the department's performance and are held once a year (twice a year for graduates)."
Graduate, Glasgow
"My pay packet is very good and above average. I could get more if I were to work in the oil and gas sector as a chemical engineer, but I'm happy where I am and Atkins is more stable than the oil and gas giants."
Entry level, Bristol
"I found myself to be one of the best paid of my course mates when starting in my job but I have quickly been overtaken by lots of them who have received much better rises since starting out. I believe that this is an area where Atkins could really improve as there is little difference between the salary of a new graduate and that of someone with three years' experience."
Graduate, Epsom
"I'm very happy with my salary as it was the highest offered when I was applying for jobs out of university. They also have a range of benefits that you can select through salary sacrifice schemes. For example, I buy extra holidays and that takes me to a different tax bracket meaning it saves me money. The only downside is that they don't offer bonuses, which would be nice after a large project has been completed."
Graduate, Warrington
"We're fairly commensurate with competitors but there are questions around progression. The company has been taken over so the pay review schedule may change."
Graduate, London


"Progression has slowed in line with the current industry trends, but I am still paid more than I would have been in a different sector."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Glasgow
"I receive fair pay, with regular reviews of salary levels."
Graduate Building Surveyor, London
"My starting salary is good, and it is higher than that offered by other competing companies. There is a chance of a raise within six months, plus bonuses."
Graduate Structural Engineer, warrington
"Pay is in line with other graduate programmes and is also reviewed twice a year for your first two years which is nice!"
Graduate Engineer, Derby
"Atkins offer a competitive salary compared to other top engineering consultants."
Graduate Structural Engineer,
"My salary is better than average, with good potential to increase pay based on performance."
Human Factors Consultant, London
"The graduate pay offer I received from Atkins was slightly higher than those which I received from other civil engineering consultancies. A joining bonus of £2500 was also provided as a new graduate."
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Leeds
"I am happy with this at present, as depending upon performance this may increase over time."
Graduate Project Manager, Nottingham


"Pay and bonuses at Faithful + Gould are excellent. I personally receive a very competitive salary, if not above average for a graduate position. As well as a very desirable salary, I also have a company car, which is also not commonplace for the average graduate and access to pension schemes, share incentives, discounted railcards, Bike4Work, etc."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I have had regular pay reviews and I believe that these reflect by progress through the company. I have also received performance bonuses."
Entry level, London
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