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Satisfaction with Work

7.2 / 10

(based on 92 ratings in 2017)


"I work on a wide variety of projects for both public and private sector clients. I was given responsibility for delivering work for clients very soon after starting and really enjoy working within my team. I have been given opportunities to rotate around the business as well as taking up opportunities for overseas secondments. I am not overloaded with work and I think that the company actively encourages a good work/life balance."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I get to work on a wide range of projects with the opportunities to do some managing, which is really good considering I'm a first-year graduate."
Graduate, London
"I have been very satisfied with my first role at Atkins. It has been challenging and offered a good grounding in project management with excellent commercial awareness. I was given responsibility from day one and this has allowed me to develop as a consultant and grow in project management"
Graduate, London
"There is a lot of trust placed in me as a graduate. I now manage my own workload and undergo minimal supervision, except in cases where my experience and knowledge is lacking. I am satisfied with the work I am assigned as I am allowed to delve into it myself in order to build on my own experience and skills before getting the necessary input after creating a first revision."
Graduate, Epsom, Woodcote Grove
"I work for different clients that range from civil/structural design work, verification work, project engineering, health and safety and much more. Lots of different opportunities are available to get involved in different aspects of work including project management etc."
Graduate, Warrington
"I'm kept busy completing various types of tasks (including design tasks and project management tasks) and sometimes multiple projects at once."
Graduate, Stockton-on-Tees
"You get automatically assigned to a specific team based on your experiences and preferences if they were stated during your interview. The teams differ greatly as some have very interesting work while others can be more routine. It is possible to move teams if you really push for it so there is some flexibility."
Graduate, Bristol
"My role is quite flexible and I like having the opportunity to get a secondment so early on in my career. Before my secondment, I was undertaking a range of analytical work on retaining walls and foundations, producing technical reports and drawings afterwards. On my secondment, I am more involved with the contractors and client representatives to help resolve any issues on site."
Graduate, Home Office: Epsom A14 Secondment: Huntingdon
"I'm fairly satisfied as I get more responsibility each day but think I could receive better guidance in some areas."
Graduate, London
"I mostly work on strategic projects so can be on one project for a long period of time. Despite this, there is always a variety of work and tasks to be undertaken and I have often been approached and asked if there are things that I would particularly like to be involved in for my development. I'm sometimes given work that I don't particularly enjoy doing but my team is great at helping and I know that I've learned something from it by the end."
Graduate, Birmingham


"I am responsible for undertaking assessments on urban drainage systems within areas with known pluvial flooding issues, and working with clients and relevant stake holders to proposed viable solutions."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Epsom
"My role involves assessing safety systems and plant design from a safety perspective, suggesting improvements and modifications where necessary. I write reports, technical notes, perform some calculations, attend meetings and liaise with the client."
Graduate Safety Engineer, Epsom
"I complete surveys throughout the country and act as a link between the client and contactor while specifying and completing works for several clients."
Graduate Building Surveyor, Leeds
"I have had a chance to work on a variety of projects, and from the start I have contributed to design work. I also have had opportunities to attend meetings with clients and present my work."
Graduate Process Engineer, London
"As well as writing detailed engineering calculations, reports and specifications, I am also involved in graduate and summer placement recruitment. I also perform internal quality assurance audits of our projects, and am heavily involved in the graduate, apprentice and placement student (GAP) forum."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Rotherham
"I collaborate in structural design and assessment projects, drainage design, etc. I undertake calculations and write reports for the client."
Graduate Engineer, Epsom
"I'm responsible for complex analysis of structures which form an integral part of the safe operation of nuclear power stations in the UK. I'm also designing a multi-million pound modification to be performed inside a reactor."
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Bristol
"I work on a variety of projects with a variety of responsibility levels, from supervising a ground investigation to work with a team on the initial stages of a large highways project."
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Glasgow
"I provide design solutions for big clients such as TfL, Network Rail, Crossrail, etc. The day consists of having meetings with clients as well as different disciplines to provide the best option of design for the client. Site visits are also common."
Graduate Civil Engineer, London
"I am writing reports for electrical designs, doing lots of CAD work for drawings and schematics and cable calculations."
Graduate Engineer, Derby
"I am writing meeting minutes, arranging project meetings and dealing with design/client queries/issues."
Graduate Project Manager, Nottingham
"I have been at Atkins for just over a year and I am now on a three-month secondment abroad, working on a major UK project and managing a small CAD team, while managing the programme and undertaking technical work."
Graduate Engineer, Warrington


"I was an APM on a major scheme dealing with finances, I have recently moved on to a design role on a small scheme, and will shortly be involved with a major scheme both design and PM."
Graduate, Warrington
"I enjoy the technical/analysis jobs a lot. They keep me very satisfied. The non-technical work (i.e. other than analysis), although very interesting and important, does not keep me as entertained. Although I try give my best on all jobs, I have identified an area in which I want to work more frequently."
Entry level, Aberdeen
"I work on structural design and analysis projects. I really enjoy the projects I work on. I am responsible for originating project work and writing."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"I participate in outline and detailed design of flood defences which includes the following responsibilities: modelling, economic appraisal, report writing, feasibility optioneering, structural assessment of existing assets, project management, whole life cost assessments, risk assessments and risk management, resourcing, programming, contractual obligations and quality management."
Graduate, Warrington
"My work is extremely varied as I work between sectors. For example, Oil and Gas, Rail, Aviation, Defence and Nuclear. My day to day responsibilities vary depending on which project I work on; for example, I could be designing a control room for a National rail operating centre on CAD, or I could be conducting a model review of an Oil and Gas Floating Platform."
Graduate, London
"I get to work directly with senior engineers in the client offices, and I am given responsibility for tasks with real-world applications - being in charge of actual items of aircraft system equipment. It's a dynamic and changing role."
Graduate, Bristol
"The nature of the contract I work on is that I am fully productive, always busy, technically challenged and given a lot of responsibilities. The project is varied so I am able to develop myself in several areas whilst getting to know one client and one group of structures."
Graduate, London
"On a daily basis, I assist senior members of staff with the delivery of nationwide asset/property management projects. I also complete a variety of building surveys including condition surveys, planned maintenance surveys, schedules of condition, fire risk assessments, etc."
Graduate, Birmingham
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