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"I was interested by the breadth of clients and sectors that Atkins worked for while also offering management consultancy as a career route."
Graduate, London
"I wanted to work in the nuclear industry and Atkins was one of the few that did it."
Graduate, Epsom
"I initially did a year in industry and enjoyed it so returned for a summer placement. I was offered a position on the graduate scheme at the end of the summer placement, which I gladly accepted."
Graduate, Bristol
"I had a summer placement with Atkins before joining as a graduate. Knowing the people who I'd be working with and experiencing the work environment made me choose this company and, in particular, the ground engineering team in Glasgow."
Graduate, Glasgow
"It's a large company that's able to offer a wide variety of projects and locations. It offers an excellent graduate programme with a good salary."
Graduate, Stockton-on-Tees
"I did some work experience where I met some of the team's staff and they were very friendly. It is a large and reputable company with associated benefits."
Graduate, Warrington
"Atkins is a very big player in the nuclear industry and has the benefits of being a consultancy so you get a bit of a choice in what you do."
Entry level, Bristol
"I applied to join the graduate scheme during my final year of university and the company has a good scheme that supports graduate engineers to chartership level. In addition, it's a well known organisation and has been involved in a number of high-profile projects that attracted me."
Graduate, Epsom
"The relaxed and friendly nature of the employees convinced me that I would fit in better than at competitors."
Graduate, London
"I always wanted to join the company as it was one of the first big consultancies that I became aware of. I was also attracted to the potential for development and the possibility to work on some of the world's most prestigious projects. The company also appeared to pay slightly better than others."
Graduate, Birmingham


"Atkins was the number one engineering consultancy in the UK when I applied, and well-renowned worldwide, therefore Atkins was in a good position to offer experiences and opportunities that smaller consultancies wouldn't be able to."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Glasgow
"The staff I met were friendly, young and had all been with the company a long time. The offices are nice, and there is the opportunity to do charity work and join a variety of sports teams."
Graduate Building Surveyor, London
"I applied to Atkins as I had wanted to be in the nuclear sector since I was 16 and I also wanted the flexibility of work that comes with being employed by a consultancy. Atkins is also well known for gender equality and as a woman this drew me in further. There are also international opportunities with Atkins as there are many offices around the world."
Graduate Chemical Engineer, Bristol
"Atkins has a diverse range of clients and experience opportunities, both nationally and internationally."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Epsom
"The projects that Atkins have been involved with and the multidisciplinary approach to work were reasons why I applied here."
Graduate Structural Engineer,
"Atkins is great at providing training, so I am studying for an MSc alongside work - and internally they provide training sessions for me to complete my APC."
Graduate Project Manager, Tunbridge Wells
"I had heard about the excellent graduate scheme and I was interested in the projects that the company were involved with."
Graduate Geotechnical Engineer, Glasgow
"Atkins was listed as a top company to work at, suggesting staff are happy and company looks after them well as well as doing interesting engineering projects. I was keen to be with a larger company with more graduates of my own age and experience."
Graduate Civil Engineer, Epsom
"It is the largest engineering consultancy in the UK and therefore they have a very impressive reputation. Their training scheme is specifically tailored to help graduates achieve professional chartership."
Graduate Civil Engineer, London
"The feel I got from the working environment and the location of offices were reasons why I applied here."
Graduate Engineer, Derby


"The fact that the company is a reputable, international consultancy with vast opportunities for a varied workload on high-profile projects, and the drive for staff members to progress throughout their careers, are reasons I chose them."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I had had a summer placement the previous summer, and so I knew the company was a good one to work for. The website is well set-up to advertise the high-profile projects Atkins works on, which was a big attraction to me."
Graduate, Epsom
"I was attracted to the ethical nature of the company, the location, and the interesting work."
Graduate, Warrington
"I was attracted to their international reach, location, ranked as a good graduate employer, diverse range of engineering departments, possibility to work in a foreign country."
Graduate, Bristol
"Atkins has a good reputation for working with graduates, and providing a stable corporate environment in which you can build a career."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"Atkins have an excellent graduate development programme."
Graduate, Leeds
"Atkins have a great work/life balance, great diversity of projects, great location, good starting salary, etc"
Graduate, Edinburgh
"I was attracted to Atkins' strong reputation as a graduate employer, and the opportunity to work on large-scale projects."
Graduate, Warrington
"I was drawn to Atkins as they are a large multi-national company with a robust training scheme."
Midlevel, Leeds
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