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(based on 4 ratings in 2016)


"It very much doesn't feel like there are any ranks and there's been no movement while I've been working here. So far, I've not seen any promotion possibilities, although they were discussed during the interview process."
Midlevel, Exeter
"As a small company, there aren't many formal ranks, which I guess means it could be seen as either very easy or very hard."
Graduate, Exeter
"I do not think it will be very easy to move up from my position due to the nature of the company and my experience. I would like to gain more management experience and I hope this is a possibility. However, It's not something I have discussed."
Midlevel, Exeter


"There isn't really a promotion structure as such, there's just extra responsibility for people who it suits (rather than promotion to the level of incompetence which is more normal)."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"The company is still reasonably small and has a flat structure, so I do not think that there are many ranks to move up. That said, a couple of people have moved up to a more management-style role since I have started, and as the company grows there may be more room for progression. I feel like rather than moving up into a different role, my role has kind of evolved as I have learnt more about the company. I certainly get more responsibility now than when I first joined. To move up you need to show you really understand the company and can see the bigger picture as well as things such as time management."
Content Scientist, Exeter
"There aren't ranks here as such. There are responsibilities where people can grow to become experts in the area, but rarely are people 'promoted'. You can grow to be respected as a leader, but due to the flat management structure and wide variety of roles and responsibilities, Sparx doesn't have many managers."
Sparx Content Scientist, Exeter
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